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Seung JUNG

Seung JUNG, Youngeun Museum of Contemporary Art


1976, Seoul





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Adding ‘Art’ to Contemporary Civilisation_ curated by Lee Ji Min
Seung JUNG

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Jung Seung creates installation works by assembling or forming a variety of mechanical mass productions in his own way. , one of his main installation works, displays 1975 pieces of toy figurines on the shelves of a circular structure. The dolls have been designed by combining two different characters, Super Mario and Japanese Nohohon which nods its head using solar heat. The figures operate in response to intense florescent lights in the gallery space. These objects, closely placed together on the shelves, vibrate and bump into one another and eventually fall onto the floor. This acts as a metaphor for human crowds living like machines, which have become standardised through a mass production and consumption society, which is based on machine civilisation. “Contemporary art should certainly endeavour to engage with audiences, yet this does not mean that the artwork should be simple.” -from the artist’s statement Jung consistently researches cutting-edge technology that he can apply to his new work. The ways in which the artist employs engineering to create a contemporary artwork generate great interest and arouse genuine curiosity among audiences. Additionally, Youngeun Museum of Contemporary art will open an offline show ofJung this September, in conjunction with the 2014 KAP online exhibition. The upcoming show will offer audiences an opportunity to view his work in both virtual space and reality.