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Youngeun Museum of Contemporary Art

Opening Year

Gyeonggi-do 8-1, Ssangryeong-dong, Gwangju



Based on the Daeyu Culture Foundation (1992), principles to support creative activities in Korean arts and culture, the Youngeun Museum of Contemporary Art opened in November of 2000. With the beautiful background of the Shore of Kyungan River in Gwangju, Gyeonggi Province, the museum has a number of contemporary artwork collections on exhibit and runs the largest artist-in-residence program in Korea. Through various contemporary art exhibitions, research and education programs, the Youngeun Museum of Contemporary Art has been trying to make a space where the museum itself becomes the field for creation and communication amongst professionals in the art industry. This includes artists, critics, and curators of contemporary art. In addition, the museum aims to offer a multicultural space for the public and tries to expand the public’s understanding of art, in an environment where art and life coexist, and interact with each other beyond the frame of plastic arts.

Residency Program

Youngeun Artist-in-Residency Program was established in 2000 to support domestic and foreign artists. This art studio is open to up-and-coming as well as leading and established artists, and selects artists every other year. Artists of diverse genres - from paintings, photography, and sculpture, to installation and video art - may apply for the art studio. The program is divided into two categories: long-term(regular) and short-term. The regular program, usually for domestic artists, allows the selected artists to stay for two years. the short-term program, up to 6 months, is geared towards foreign artists or Korean artists visiting from abroad.

Contact Us

Address     Gyeonggi-do 8-1, Ssangryeong-dong, Gwangju
Telephone  031-7610137
Homepage  http://www.youngeunmuseum.org


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