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Ji Yoon Hong

Ji Yoon Hong, Hello Museum


1970, Seoul


Painting, Installation, Performance



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When Flowers Bloom and Wither_curated by Hye Ri CHO
Ji Yoon Hong

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Ji Yoon Hong is well known for his works of 'fusion Oriental painting,' a new genre. Taking inspiration from Eastern philosophy toward nature, the artist sings 'songs' about life, love, and time. Her painting is poetic and metaphorical; the poetry in her painting is composed by the artist herself, drawing literary motifs from the philosophical trinity of 'poetry, calligraphy, and painting' found in Chinese painting. Hong creates her trademark 'fusion Oriental painting' by combining traditional vivid colors and digitalized fluorescent colors, as well as using calligraphic Korean and Chinese characters together with English typography within a boneless painting technique (a brush painting method by which coloring and shaping are executed without ink outlines). Applying this traditional technique to bird-and-flower subjects, she conceptualizes her paintings as pop art wherein Eastern philosophy and modern sensibilities of beauty are juxtaposed, complementing each other and fusing together, exposing conflicts in explosive colorful energy. This exhibition ‘When Flowers Bloom and Wither’ presents the colorful 'fusion Oriental paintings' imbued with Eastern philosophy and modern sensitivity that are unique to Ji Yoon Hong. The 'delightful fusion' created by Hong, free of any medium and form, can be interpreted in Buddhist terms as an ideal state; full harmony in roundness with no edges, interpreted as peace with others and surroundings. To Hong, the flower embodies everything, from human emotion to the birth and death of the universe and life, and represents 'beauty and women, and joy of life.' The flower, an iconic image in Hong's painting, is a vessel that contains the essence of the universe and stories about love. Hong's 'flower' began to bloom in 2008 in the exhibition ‘Life is Beautiful.’ Her flowers were seen to be floating freely against a background in traditional colors in ‘Bohemian Edition’ (2008), and in full blossom in ‘Life Is Colorful’ (2010). She addressed the values of life and reality by repetitious meeting and parting?blooming and then withering?in chaos in ‘Meeting and Parting’ (2011). This is the poetic Technicolor world of Ji Yoon Hong, an artist who sings songs of life and its cycles freely without fear.


2013 Hong ik University, Ph.D., Oriental Painting, Seoul, Korea
1994 Hong ik University, M.F.A., Oriental Painting, Seoul, Korea
1992 Hong ik University, B.F.A., Oriental Painting, Seoul, Korea

Solo Exhibitions

2014 Landmark North, Hong Kong CNY, Chinese New Year, Landmark North, Hongkong, China
Taiwan Mandarin Oriental Hotel Art Project, Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Taipei, Taiwan
2013 Let me to be sure some flowers in your mind, Lotte Avenuel, Seoul, Korea
2012 Hongjiyoon's art work, Hong-Ik University Contemporary Museum, Seoul, Korea
2011 Hongjiyoon's art work, Selo art, Seoul, Korea
2010 Life is colorful, Pyo gallery, Seoul, Korea
2009 With big stride, gallery TN, Beijing, China
2008 Bohemian edition, gallery now, Seoul, Korea
Life is beautiful, The gallery, Seoul, Korea
Dyeing fragrance, 798 Cup gallery, Beijing, China
2007 Minstrel, romance, and fantasy, Munhwailbo gallery, Seoul, Korea
2005 Four seasons, Art form new gate, Seoul, Korea
Hongjiyoon's art meets digital, Kunst ?Direkt gallery, Regensburg, Germany
Searching for young-artist, Gana art Seoul auction space, Suwon, Korea
2004 time on Korean paper, Mac gallery, Seoul, Korea
2003 The 'Peng', Korean electronic center plaza gallery, Seoul, Korea

Group Exhibitions

2014 K-P.O.P., Museum of Contemporary Art Taipei, Taipei, Taiwan
Asia Gallery Hotel Art Fair, Marco Polo Hotel, Hongkong, China
In the Mood for Love, Lotte gallery, Daejeon, Korea
2013 Scent blossom, Ilwoo space, Seoul, Korea
2012 Play with the Letter, Jaha museum, Seoul, Korea
Haean-dong 10-1, Inchon art platform, Incheon, Korea
Asia Top Gallery Hotel Art Fair special exhibition, Western Chosun hotel, Seoul, Korea
2011 The rediscovery of Korean painting, Sungnam art center, Bundang, Korea
Meditation of technologe ? garden of media, Pohang museum, Pohang, Korea
I Recommend this Artist 31, Gallery Sub, Seoul, Korea
The gorgeous Heart, Hanbit media gallery, Seoul, Korea
2010 Rainbow Asia ? pearl of world art, East ? Asia, Seoul art center, Seoul, Korea
Korea fashion festival, National museum of Korea, Seoul, Korea
Close encounter, Jeju museum of art, Jeju, Korea
March _ spring, Gwangju museum of art, Gwangju, Korea
Inter-nale, Sungkok art museum, Seoul, Korea
Great pop art 20, Guemsan gallery, Hyundai department, Seoul, Korea
Delicious vacation, Jangheung art park, Kyunggi-do Jangheung, Korea
2009 Bloom in color, Shinsegae gallery, Seoul, Korea
SIPA, Seoul art center, Seoul, Korea
From text to image, Suwon art center, Suwon, Korea
International Incheon women Biennale main exhibition, Art platform, Incheon, Korea
Hangul, design, Junbuk museum of art, Wanju, Korea
2008 Meme Trackers, Song Zhuang art Center, Beijing, China
Karlsruhe art fair, Karlsruhe, Karlsruhe, Germany
Hallow ‘Mok.Jji.Bba’, Hallow museum, Seoul, Korea
Art Beijing, Beijing, Beijing, China
Visit the museum, National Contemporary museum of Korea, Gwacheon, Korea
changwon Asia art fair, sungsan art hall, Changwon, Korea
KIAF, coax, Seoul, Korea
SIPA Special exhibition, Seoul art Center, Seoul, Korea
2007 LG visual arts series - kaleidoscope, LG-I gallery, London, England
2006 New Talents : Freispiel, Munich city hall gallery, Munich, Germany
'Four friends' from Oriental to Germany Schau’n ma mal, Langsam, Oder, Munich culture department, Munich, Germany
2005 'Hub' national museum residence Goyangopen studio, Goyangstudio gallery, Goyang, Korea
'Hub' national museum residence Goyangopen studio, Goyangstudio gallery, Goyang, Korea


2012 Remarkable artist award of the Year, Korean Art Critics Association
2004 Korea fine art grand exhibition
2003 Korea fine art grand exhibition
The 'Lorenzo il Magnifico' award, Historic fortezza da Basso, Florence, Italy
2002 Korea fine art grand exhibition
The Dong-a fine art exhibition
2001 The 'Lorenzo il Magnifico' award, Historic fortezza da Basso, Florence, Italy
2000 Korea fine art grand exhibition
1999 Korea fine art grand exhibition
1998 Joong-ang fine art grand exhibition
1997 Korea fine art grand exhibition
1995 Korea fine art grand exhibition
1994 The Dong-a fine art exhibition
1993 Korea fine art grand exhibition
1992 Korea fine art grand exhibition


Hong-Ik University Contemporary Museum, Seoul, Korea
Regensburg Korean Catholic Church, Regensburg, Germany
Kunst-direkt gallery, Regensburg, Germany