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Seon-ghi BAHK

Seon-ghi BAHK, Hello Museum


1966, Sunsan




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Seon-ghi BAHK's Solo Exhibition_curated by Hye Ri CHO
Seon-ghi BAHK
Hello Museum

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"Art is visual perception. It is self-evident that an artwork can remain fresh and everlasting when the spirit of an artist can be found by sight," wrote Bahk 15 years ago, and from this belief started all of his artworks. It is also interesting to see how Bahk became engaged in mid-relief work. Bahk was most interested in relief work during his stay in Italy as a student. Thinking outside of the box, Bahk created mid-relief sculpture by removing the walls behind relief when he was studying in Italy. Sculptures do not have a single perspective, but Bahk's sculptures come to have point of view and perspective because they were derived from relief. Therefore, we can see the frame of an exact form rooted in our concept only when we see a sculpture from a certain point. The essence of Bahk's three-dimensional works is based on his intention to go beyond changes in viewpoints and bring visual splits of the object by slicing existing work. Bahk sliced a sculpture, which enables viewers to enjoy play of viewpoints, in order to cause optical illusion. The objets sliced are familiar things which we can see around us, such as an apple, a cup, a pen, a drawing compass, and a bag. These objets are compressed in white to emphasize changes in viewpoints. Using such rhetorical expression, Bahk waits for his audience to experience a joyful disorientation brought about by visual fabrication and calculated optical illusion.