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Yongbaek LEE's Solo Exhibition_curated by Bo Seul Shin
In art as defined by Lee Yong Baek, the artist sets the scope of self-actualization and self-limitation and clashes against these walls with the strongest determination and energy so as to disclose his artistic view to the outside world, that is, art is an indescribable shock wave. Here, the scope of self-actualization and self-limitation may be thought of as seinsverbundenheit (existential boundedness)' as Karl Manheim describes it. Existential boundedness means that a thinking and acting subject cannot be free from the ground where he/she is rooted. However, we are well aware that when an ideal that one dreams of is based on limited nourishment and turns into a form, boundedness is not a negative value but reveals the circumstances of the era and is transformed into sympathy that transcends time.


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