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Jia Chang_curated by Bo Seul Shin
Chang's solo exhibition, Speak About Things That Have Never Been Spoken, starts with mundane things. However, by delivering uncommon stories to the audience, the exhibition is intended to rethink a meaning of contemporary art with the audience. The exhibition is divided into four sections: ‘Prologue’, ‘Chapter1: Omerta’, ‘Chapter2: I Confess’, and ‘Epilogue’. The 'Prologue', which starts with a single channel video called The Physical Condition to be an Artist, illustrates the reality of hard situations for an artist to live and a lot of endurance to survive in such circumstances despite the fact. The following 'Omerta' represents 'a woman who urinates in a standing position', used as a means of a taboo and a forbidden behavior through the use of photography, installation, and video work. The 'I Confess' takes a form of a confession of guilt through photographs, installations and a variety of torture tools brought from a site of torture in history. Lastly, the 'Epilogue' presents a project entitled Open Your Heart, depicting women's bare breasts printed on t-shirts and distributing them to the audience. In this way, even though Chang's work starts with ordinary things, its entire stories are not definitely uncommon. This exhibition would allow the audience to meet another facet of the world, which is silently enclosed or unknown to us.


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