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KDK, space of achromatic color _curated by Choi Danbi




Total Museum of Art

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Inferring Expanded Space A smooth curve runs across a soft white picture plane. Dozens of photos covering the wall of the gallery each convey a shallow impression of depth while faintly emitting breath. With the new 'p' series, KDK focuses on packages, material that is used to protect items from damage, which will soon be discarded. The inexpensive artifacts exhibit their beautiful form with unique curves, displaying their existence, though it is difficult to discern what the original package was for. Looking familiar but always leaving a question mark about what it actually is, KDK’s artwork always transcends the boundaries of reality and unreality, evoking a sense of curiosity. The space created by KDK makes visitors scratch their heads at first as it looks surreal, but the space is invariably grounded in a close reality. It begins with surrounding objects and places embodying the artist’s personal experiences. Therefore, viewers experience a familiar feeling of déjà vu but nonetheless cannot comprehend the perfect form or true nature of the object. In this exhibition, KDK enumerates space both shallow and deep in achromatic colors. The restrained inner space, contrary to previous series (ios, f, a, lu) employing vivid colors, differs greatly from the vibrant beauty of his past photos. These photos require the viewer to study the lines and margins of the structures in the achromatic space and endlessly question the original form. Subsequently, KDK expands space from intaglio to relief (w) or nearby objects to the night sky (b), making our surroundings seem somehow unfamiliar. Enjoy trying to infer these familiar yet unfamiliar ambiguous spaces in light of KDK’s perspective.


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