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 new icon [¡Feliz viaje!] - KWON, In-Kyung

Exhibition Dates l 2018-02-06 ~ 2018-02-25

Kwon In-Kyung is currently participating in Dorossy Salon's first exhibition in 2018 entitled '¡Feliz Viaje!.' The meaning of Feliz Viaje is "Please have a pleasant trip!" in Spanish. This exhibition is a collection of works created by three artists who attended a show last year in Madrid and Toledo, Spain. Three artists who majored in oriental painting w...

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 new icon [Ordinary Monument] - Soun Hong

Exhibition Dates l 2018-02-17 ~ 2018-03-17

Soun Hong is having his solo exhibition entitled ‘Ordinary Monument’ which held at 1335 MABINI gallery, Philippine. This exhibition is his second solo show since his first solo exhibition in February 2016, and the main theme is the Sewol Ferry disaster on April 16, 2014. As a painter, his main focus was landscapes and portraits, but now he also shows...

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[The Prometheus’s String] - Seung JUNG

Exhibition Dates l 2018-02-04 ~ 2018-03-31

Seung JUNG is currently having his solo exhibition entitled 'The Prometheus's String' at Hanmi Gallery Seoul. The artist who shows lots of interest in the theory of dark matter and the superstring theories which make up the universe material investigated a new type of work that is different from the existing art form based on these methods. Living Sculptu...

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[Dogs in Our Lives] - JeongMee Yoon

Exhibition Dates l 2017-12-22 ~ 2018-02-25

JeongMee Yoon is currently participating in ‘Dogs in Our Lives: Companionship and Friendship’, which is a special exhibition of celebrating, The Year of Dog 2018, held at National Folk Museum of Korea.Canines and humans share a special bond. In fact, our relationship with dogs is closer than with any other animal on Earth. The dog, the eleventh of the twe...

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[Fire Art Festa 2018] - Kwonjungho

Exhibition Dates l 2018-02-02 ~ 2018-02-25

Kwonjungho is currently participating in ‘Fire Art Festa 2018: Heonhwaga ‘A Song Dedicated to Fire’ which is held at Gyeongpo Beach. This festival is one of the projects to commemorate the PyeongChang Winter Olympics by displaying public art works. The art festival of nature to have fire art exhibition, performance, and citizen-participatory art program w...

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[Not Your Ordinary Art Storage] - Kyungmin Nam, Baek Jungki, Sohee CHO, Ha Tae-Bum

Exhibition Dates l 2017-06-22 ~ 2018-05-26

Kyungmin Nam, Baek Jungki, Sohee CHO, Ha Tae-Bum are currently participating in the exhibition titled ‘Not Your Ordinary Art Storage’. The exhibition will be held for one year at the 2-3 floors of the existing building located at SongEun Cultural Foundation's new building site (scheduled to open in 2020). A total of 52 pieces of the SongEun Culture Founda...

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[From the Edge of View] - Han Sungpil

Exhibition Dates l 2017-10-26 ~ 2018-01-25

Han Sungpil is currently holding his solo exhibition titled ‘From the Edge of View’ at Art Space Ben. This exhibition consists of a total of about 20 pieces including ‘Façade Project’, Arctic and Antarctic project ‘Polar Space, Polarized Time’ and the new project of Aurora and lenticular works of a total eclipse of the sun. Through this exhibition, audien...

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[The Art of Arranging the Invisible in the Air] - Soonim Kim

Exhibition Dates l 2018-01-04 ~ 2018-02-13

Soonim Kim is taking parts in the exhibition titled ‘The Art of Arranging the Invisible in the Air’ which is being held at ILWOO SPACE. The world is divided into what is visible in our retinas and invisible which is hidden. The visible and the invisible are entangled like an elaborately woven fabric, and this whole is a mysterious figure of the world we l...

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[Eternal Hometown : Where it's unchanged] - Kwon In Kyung

Exhibition Dates l 2018-01-02 ~ 2018-02-28

Kwon In Kyung is participating in Gallery AG's New Year's invitation exhibition "Eternal Hometown: Where it's Unchanged". Even though the place itself is gone, the memory of our hometown that is not forgotten forever is alive in our memories. This exhibition aims to bustling living people to awaken the value of the memory and existence of their hometown a...

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[100 Interviews] - Jia CHANG, Soun HONG

Exhibition Dates l 2017-12-16 ~ 2018-03-25

Jia CHANG and Soun HONG are currently participating in '100 Interviews' exhibition which is held at  Goyang AramNuri Aram Museum. This exhibition focuses on understanding the current contemporary art and wants to find answers “Now what is art to be?” through selecting artists, interviewing them with art experts, and participants citizens. And at this...

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