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 new icon [Manière-noir : CORNICE_LIG Art Space] – Sun-Joo Shin’s solo exhibition

Exhibition Dates l 2015-10-08 ~ 2015-11-07

Sun-Joo Shin’s solo exhibition titled ‘Manière-noir : CORNICE’ shows at LIG Art Space. The key motif that appears on the canvas is an entablature in the ancient Western style of architecture. The parts supported by the columns in ancient Greek or Roman architecture are commonly referred to as the entablature. In general, these are the decorative parts tha...

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 new icon [Red-silly dream_Mimesis Art Museum] - Seahyun LEE’s solo exhibition

Exhibition Dates l 2015-10-10 ~ 2015-12-20

Seahyun LEE presents his solo exhibition entitled ‘Red-silly dream’ at Mimesis Art Museum, Korea. This exhibition will be continued until 20 December.         Red-silly dream - Seahyun LEE’s solo exhibition 2015. 10. 10 – 12. 20 Mimesis Art Museum http://mimesisart.co.kr/mimesis-art-museum

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 new icon [Methodology to escape_Gallery Lux] - Hong-Goo Kang

Exhibition Dates l 2015-10-01 ~ 2015-10-25

Hong-Goo Kang participates in the exhibition titled ‘Methodology to escape’ at Gallery Lux. This exhibition shows a meaning and possibility of photography and painting as an art medium. The exhibition will continued until 25 October.                      &nbs...

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[New Romance_Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Korea] - Sang Hyun Lee, Seung JUNG, Siyon JIN

Exhibition Dates l 2015-09-22 ~ 2016-01-24

Sang Hyun Lee, Seung JUNG and Siyon JIN are participating in the special exhibition entitled ‘New Romance’ at the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Korea. New Romance is an exhibition through which Korean and Australian artists examine the significance of the non-human entities that have emerged through the process of technological and artis...

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[New Forms_Korea electric power coperation, Naju] - Siyon JIN

Exhibition Dates l 2015-09-17

Siyon JIN will present a interdisciplinary arts project entitled ‘New Forms’ with choreographer Gayoung JO. In the first part of the show ‘Pattern’, JO’s contemporary ballet will performed with the screening of JIN’s media art video. In the second part ‘New Forms’, video projection, LED performance, Video mapping and Light drawing program are will be pres...

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[Saint Breeders_Atelier Hermès] – Yeesookyung's solo exhibition

Exhibition Dates l 2015-09-15 ~ 2015-12-20

Yeesookyung's solo exhibition entitled ‘Saint Breeders’ presents at Atelier Hermès, Seoul from 15 September. This exhibition unfolds with one piece of work leading to another which in turn leads to another, showcasing Yeesookyung's ‘stream of consciousness’ through such diverse media as painting, sculpture and video. The exhibition seeks to trigger viewer...

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[It Will Be a Better Day_Korean Modern Stories_Seohakdong Photo Studio] – JeongMee Yoon’s solo exhibition

Exhibition Dates l 2015-09-05 ~ 2015-10-04

JeongMee Yoon’s solo exhibition entitled ‘It Will Be a Better Day_Korean Modern Stories’ presents at Seohakdong Photo Studio in Jeonju. The presented works are reinterpretations of scenes inspired by a collection of Korean short stories, written from the 1920s to 70s, produced in the form of photographs. The situations reenacted in the works are not simpl...

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[First Look_Asian Art Museum, San Francisco] - Gap Chul LEE

Exhibition Dates l 2015-09-04 ~ 2015-10-11

Gap Chul LEE participates in the exhibition entitled ‘First Look: Collecting Contemporary at the Asian’ at Asian Art Museum in San Francisco. This exhibition features highlights of its contemporary art collection acquired over the past 15 years. On view from 4 September to 11 October and organized by guest curator Allison Harding, the exhibition presents ...

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[Revelation_DOOSAN Gallery, New York] – Beak Jungki’s solo exhibition

Exhibition Dates l 2015-09-03 ~ 2015-10-01

Beak Jungki’s solo exhibition ‘Revelation’ will present at DOOSAN Gallery New York. He is one of the artists participating in DOOSAN Residency program from the latter part of 2015. Referring to a secret being revealed, ‘Revelation’ stands for both exposure, as well as the revelation of a god. The exhibition will comprise of a total of nine works including...

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