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 new icon Korea Brand & Entertainment Expo 2014 , Sao Paulo, Brazil

Korean Artist Project will be invited for the Korea Brand & Entertainment Expo 2014 at World Trade Center in Sao Paulo, Brazil as a representative online art platform. In 2013, KAP presented its cutting-edge virtual exhibition and received positive responses from the visitors as a new way to experience art. In this year, the virtual exhibitions, archives and artists' intervie...

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 new icon The Korea Times will continuously run special features on KAP artists

  Starting with the special feature about Korean Artist Project in July 2014, The Korea Times will continuously run special features on KAP artists' interviews every second Friday. Those articles would be important and helpful English contents providing the artists' art world in-depth.       * Special features are will be updated on <KAP on the Media> h...

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 new icon [Simultaneous Echoes_Colleccion de Fortabat, Argentina] - Mioon, Lee Nam LEE

Mioon and Lee Nam LEE participate the special exhibition titled 'Simultaneous Echoes' at Colleccion de Arte Amalia Lacroze de Fortabat in Buenos Aires, Argentina. This exhibition would be an act to present a new indicator in Korean media art through works of artists emerging after 2000s who have grown up through experiencing themselves the rapid transfer in artistic environment for in...

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 new icon [Blue & D Major_ILJU & SEONHWA Gallery] - KANG Hyung Koo, Lee Nam LEE, Ki Chang HAN

KANG Hyung Koo, Lee Nam LEE, Ki Chang HAN are currently participating in the special exhibition titled 'Blue & D Major' at ILJU & SEONHWA Gallery, Seoul. This exhibition shows the works based on blue color and related classic music. The audiences are encouraged to enjoy a total of 8 classic music in D major with a D(re) as a main scale which has the same wave as 'blue'. The ex...

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 new icon [Artist Today 2014_Kim Chong Yung Museum] - Jongku Kim's Solo exhibition

Jongku Kim's solo exhibition is currently presenting at Kim Chong Yung Museum in Seoul. This exhibition shows Kim's main work is known for 'steel powder landscape' commemorating the award titled 'Artist Today 2014'.             Artist Today 2014 - Jongku Kim's Solo exhibition 2014.6.13-7.31 Kim Chong Yung Museum

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[Light of human_Gallery D] - Siyon JIN's solo exhibition

Siyon JIN's solo exhibition titled 'Light of human' is currently being held at Gallery D in Gwangju. This exhibition presents JIN's representative series named 'Wave', 'Flow' and the art car 'PEUGEOT 208' which collaborated with car company PEUGEOT in 2013. At the archive space, audiences are encouraged to see his large range of work from 2011 to 2014-documentary of Media façade, Medi...

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[Episode_Gallery IHN] - Seung-soon PARK's solo exhibition

Seung-soon PARK‘s solo exhibition titled 'Episode' will be held at Gallery IHN in Seoul presenting a total of 18 new works. PARK establishes her own pictorial genre and unique techniques rather than expresses the boundary between the abstraction and the concreteness. This exhibition will continue until 19 July.              &nb...

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[Doubt - Long standing Tears_Gallery Hee] - Dae-Won Yang's solo exhibition

Dae-Won Yang‘s solo exhibition title 'Doubt - Long standing Tears' will be held at Gallery Hee. Yang's 'Doubt' series portray insecurtity and anxiety we feel within our society. Bright and strong colors shown in 'Doubt' series are now gone and only the black and white occupies his canvas under the title 'Long standing Tears'. In this exhibition, his representative works will be presen...

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[Oh! Marylin: KANG Hyung Koo and his Muse_Arario Gallery] - KANG Hyung Koo's solo exhibition

KANG Hyung Koo's solo exhibition titled 'Oh! Marylin: Hyung Koo Kang and his Muse' is currently presenting at Arario Gallery in Cheonan. He is known for one of the best Asian artist, who expresses symbolic representation of large-scale portraits in contemporary art. Symbolic icon of the age, such as Audrey Hepburn or Andy Warhol, is recreated as new type of person by KANG with deep ey...

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The Korean Art Museum Association became an institutional partner of Artsy

  In June 2014, it is a great pleasure to announce that the Korean art museum association became an institutional partner of Artsy(https://artsy.net), an leading online platform for discovering, learning about, and collecting art.   Since their launch in October 2012, Artsy has reached 7 million unique art lovers and collectors in 226 countries providing more 160,000 im...

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