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 new icon Korean Artist Project successfully introduced 75 Korean contemporary artists in Brazil.

[Image 1] KAP’s exhibition hall at KBEE 2014   Sponsored by Arts Council Korea, Korean Artist Project (KAP,www.koreanartistproject.com) is invited for KBEE 2014(Korea Brand & Entertainment Expo) as a leading convergence case of IT and arts in São Paulo, Brazil from 13 to 15 August 2014. KAP presents its cutting -edge virtual exhibitions in a special space which is built for ...

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Korean Artist Project will participate in Asian Contemporary Art Week (ACAW) 2014!

  As a participant of Asian Contemporary Art Consortium, Korean Artist Project is proud to participate in Asian Contemporary Art Week (ACAW) 2014.ACAW is a dynamic city-wide platform connecting leading New York and Asia-based galleries and museums to present cutting-edge exhibitions, innovative projects, and provocative dialogues.   In its ninth edition, ACAW introduces...

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The Korea Times will continuously run special features on KAP artists

  Starting with the special feature about Korean Artist Project in July 2014, The Korea Times will continuously run special features on KAP artists' interviews every second Friday. Those articles would be important and helpful English contents providing the artists' art world in-depth.       * Special features are will be updated on <KAP on the Media> h...

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 new icon [Super Nature_National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Korea] - Ligyung

Ligyung participates in a group exhibition titled 'Super Nature' as a part of Site-specific Artwork Project 2014 at National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Korea. The works displayed show the artists’ attempts to go beyond the limit of ordinary human understanding based on the assumption that a supernatural world does exist. They deconstruct the natural word and take it beyon...

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 new icon [Natural color, multiple flower show_Culture Station Seoul 284] - Jeonghwa CHOI's solo exhibition

Jeonghwa CHOI presents his solo exhibition entitled 'Natural color, multiple flower show' at Culture Station Seoul 284. In this exhibition, natural and multiple colored plastic objets shows under the main theme 'flower' embodying the beauty from ordinary routine, modernity of Asian countries and eastern values. As a result of collaboration with homeless people from Seoul station, a to...

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 new icon [Reality on the Reality_Art space Jungmiso] - Chang Kyum KIM, Hyunmi YOO

Chang Kyum KIM and Hyunmi YOO are now participating in the exhibition titled ‘Reality on the Reality’ at Art space Jungmiso. This exhibition is composed of four different section as 'reality better than reality', 'optical illusion', 'illusion and abstraction' and 'ego which desire outside of the frame'. The 1st part of this exhibition will continue until 14 September.     ...

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 new icon [Point of view - illusion_Gallery IHN] - Seon-ghi BAHK's solo exhibition

Seon-ghi BAHK is invited to solo exhibition for his new 'point of view' series, 'Point of view - illusion', in Gallery IHN from 28 August to 27 September 2014. He is exploring questions about the traditional notion of perspective within a story of the things that we have missed whilst looking at the objects. In this exhibition, flatted-shape sculptures and charcoal installation artwor...

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 new icon [Memory Creation_art:gwangju:14] - opening performance by Koh Sang Woo

Koh Sang Woo presents the opening performance 'Memory Creation' for the art:gwangju:14 at KDJ Convention Center, Gwangju on 29th August 2014. He will perform with various media and dance about the memories of his hometown, Gwangju, where he lived around 10 years after he was born.         art:gwangju:14 opening performance 'Memory Creation' 2014. 8. 29 (Fri) 4:30...

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[East Bridge: In The Absence Of Avant Garde Reading_Force Gallery, Beijing] - Geun-Taek Yoo

Geun-Taek Yoo is currently participating the exchange exhibition between Korea and China entitled 'The East Bridge: In the Absence of Avant-Garde Reading' at Force Gallery in Beijing. As the first exhibition of 'East Bridge' project series, this show focuses on the artists through different perspectives of different East Asian countries to build a bridge linking the East Asian art. Su...

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[Yuyeung TCHINE_Shinsegye Department Store] - Yuyeung TCHINE's solo exhibition

Yuyeung TCHINE presents her art works on the Art wall at Shinsegye Department Store in Seoul. This exhibition will be continued until 19 October 2014.                                          ...

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