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Korean Artist Project successfully introduced 75 Korean contemporary artists in Brazil.

[Image 1] KAP’s exhibition hall at KBEE 2014   Sponsored by Arts Council Korea, Korean Artist Project (KAP,www.koreanartistproject.com) is invited for KBEE 2014(Korea Brand & Entertainment Expo) as a leading convergence case of IT and arts in São Paulo, Brazil from 13 to 15 August 2014. KAP presents its cutting -edge virtual exhibitions in a special space which is built for ...

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Korean Artist Project will participate in Asian Contemporary Art Week (ACAW) 2014!

  As a participant of Asian Contemporary Art Consortium, Korean Artist Project is proud to participate in Asian Contemporary Art Week (ACAW) 2014.ACAW is a dynamic city-wide platform connecting leading New York and Asia-based galleries and museums to present cutting-edge exhibitions, innovative projects, and provocative dialogues.   In its ninth edition, ACAW introduces...

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The Korea Times will continuously run special features on KAP artists

  Starting with the special feature about Korean Artist Project in July 2014, The Korea Times will continuously run special features on KAP artists' interviews every second Friday. Those articles would be important and helpful English contents providing the artists' art world in-depth.       * Special features are will be updated on <KAP on the Media> h...

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 new icon [Asian Contemporary photography_Daegu Art Museum] - Yeon Doo JUNG

Yeon Doo JUNG will participates in the exhibition titled 'Asian Contemporary photography' at Daegu Art Museum. This exhibition aims to look into Asian contemporary photography through artworks by the globally active artists Wang Qingsong and Yeon Doo JUNG, both of whom focus on the particular cultural situation of Asia, which is faced with the dilemma of balancing tradition and innova...

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 new icon [Latex Ideology_4th Mediations Biennale 2014,Poznan, Poland] - WON SeoungWon

WON SeoungWon will participate in one of the accompanying exhibition entitled 'Latex Ideology' at Mediations Biennale 2014 in Poznan, Poland. In the South Korean art scene there are various and individual positions concerning this subject. North Korea, however, remains the least known country on Earth, whose art scene is almost totally unknown or non-existent. For the 4th Mediation Bi...

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 new icon [Era of Foraging_AANDO Fine Art, Berlin] - Hyungmin MOON's solo exhibition

Hyungmin MOON presents his solo exhibition titled 'Era of Foraging' at AANDO Fine Art in Berlin. The strong conceptual approach evident in the work of MOON, poses questions concerning socially accepted rules, conventions, and their continuous indoctrination. He thematizes the incongruity of form and content in his, mostly serial, work cycles. The exhibition encompasses paintings and ...

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 new icon Suntag NOH, the winner of 3rd Korea Artist Prize in 2014

National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Korea(MMCA) announced Suntag NOH as the final winner of 2014 Korea Artist Prize. Co-sponsored by the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary, Korea and SBS Foundation, Korea Artist Prize adopted an award and sponsorship system. For the 2014 Korea Artist Prize, under the guidance of a new steering committee (2014-2015), it was decided...

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 new icon [Clay Broods Light_Eunam Museum of Art] - Siyon JIN

Siyon JIN is currently participating in the special exhibition entitled 'Clay Broods Light' with ceramist Sangmoon Oh at Eunam Museum of Art in Gwangju. The exhibition shows their one-year-long collaboration work 'Shadow of a flower' embodying Korean traditional pattern and color. JIN also features his new video installation with the frame of traditional sliding door, a work comprised...

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[Structure_PERIGEE Gallery] - Osang Gwon's solo exhibition

Osang Gwon will show his solo exhibition titled 'Structure' at PERIGEE Gallery, Seoul. He has three major bodies of work; 'Deodorant Type', 'The Flat' and 'The sculpture'. Under the show title 'Structure', new groups of work from the recent 'Masspatterns' series and 'New Structure' series will be presented. These series raise interest on how he wheels out the narrative of the show's n...

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[Shifted Time_Space129] - kwonjungho's solo exhibition

Kwonjungho presents his solo exhibition entitled 'Shifted Time' at Space 129 in Daegu. As a part of 'Daegu Photo Biennale 2014', this exhibition shows his new photography under the theme 'the aura of life'. Audiences are encouraged to explore large scale photography installation, video work which shows the notion of time through waves and also his representative work 'Dakpaper skulls'...

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