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 new icon [Announcement]Announcing the Artists for KAP 2014

  12 artists are selected for KAP 2014 as below  Bae, Jungwan Ham Myung Su JeongMee Yoon JUNG Seung Kang, Hong-Goo KIM insook LEE JAE HOON Meekyoung Shin Myungjin Song Osang Gwon U-Ram Choe Yoo geun taek New contents will be added up by the end of June.

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[Closed] Call for Participants of Korean Artist Project 2014

            The call is open to Korean Contemporary Artists only. For more information, please visit -> http://is.gd/fF23uN                      2014 코리안 아티스트 프로젝트 작가를 공모합니다. 우측의 링크를 클릭하면 자세한 공모요강으로...

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[關係_Bongsan Cultural Center] - Chang Hong AHN's Solo Exhibition

Chang Hong AHN is currently presenting his solo exhibition titled '關係(Relationship)' at Bongsan Cultural Center in Daegu celebrating their 10th anniversary. A total of 60 main works in his career are presenting via video installation and his new drawing titled 'The South and North' is also presenting on the five-meter-high wall. The exhibition will continue until 25th May.   ...

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[Painting Becomes Space, Space Becomes Painting_Nook Gallery] - Boyoung JEONG

Boyoung JEONG shows the exhibition titled 'Painting Becomes Space, Space Becomes Painting' at Nook gallery in Seoul. Boyoung JEONG, Chung Seung Un have contemplated on the the significance and relations of space for a long time, and have worked with the theme. The audiences are encouraged to listen to a new conversation spoken in different languages, as the artists observe space from ...

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[Sceptical Orgy_Podbielski Contemporary, Berlin]- Seoungwon WON

Seoungwon WON presents her solo exhibition at Podbielski Contemporary in Berlin. The title of the exhibition 'Sceptical Orgy' does not only’ relate to the obsessive view of her past and its subjective perception but also to her differentiated and sceptical attitude of utopian thoughts and space. Her latest work Character Episode(2013) shows in this exhibition which is based upon an or...

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[Liquid Times_Seoul Museum of Art] - Yongbaek LEE

Yongbaek LEE presents in the international exchange exhibition 'Liquid Times' at the Seoul Museum of Art . The exhibition shows contemporary art of Korea and China titled in cooperation with the Songzhuang art center in Songzhuang art district and with the White box museum of art in 798 Art district in Beijing, China. The theme of exhibition entitled 'Liquid Times' is based on the the...

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[How to enjoy your free time_Culture station Seoul 284] - Seung Young KIM, Ki Chang HAN

Seung Young KIM and Ki Chang HAN participate in the special exhibition 'How to enjoy your free time' at Culture station Seoul 284. This exhibition aims to show various and specific manual about 'Making good use of free time' presenting the examples as travel, stroll, relaxation etc. The exhibition also presents a relation between work and free time through the works from media artists...

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[Design Sports_Dongdaemun Design Plaza] - Siyon JIN

Siyon JIN participates in the exhibition titled 'Design Sports' celebrating the opening of the Dongdaemun Design Plaza, Seoul. A total of 20 participants pair up to make a collaboration work for the exhibition. JIN collaborates with the famous baseball player Chan Ho Park who made his way to the MLB as a first player ever from Korea. JIN shows the large-scale media installation work u...

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[Memory Theater_Coreana Museum] – Mioon’s solo exhibition

Mioon(Kim Min&Choi Moon) presents their solo exhibition entitled 'Memory Theater' at Coreana Museum of Art, Space*c. In their artworks ranging from the 'Tourist Project(2003)', Holoaudience(2005)'. Mioon has been focusing on the subject of memory and theater from the metropolitan masses point of view. In this exhibition, the memory is interpreted in depth within a social and emoti...

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