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 new icon [Photographs on the edge_Gallery Lux] Osang Gwon, WON SeoungWon, JeongMee Yoon

Osang Gwon, WON SeoungWon, JeongMee Yoon participate in the exhibition entitled 'Photographs on the edge' at Gallery Lux from 22th January. This exhibition is the first exhibition after relocation of Gallery Lux in Ogin-don, Seoul, Korea. The curator of this exhibition says the reasons why he has selected 8 artists participating in. it's because they make their photographic art works ...

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 new icon [Prudential Eye Awards 2015 _The Best Emerging Artist] ShinMeekyung was awarded

Artist ShinMeekyung, who put the time notion in her sculptures manufactured by soaps, was awarded 'the Best Emerging Artist - Sculpture part' of the Prudential Eye Awards 2015 held in the Marinabaysands Hotel, in Singapore, on past 20th January. Prudential Eye Awards 2015 is started from 2014 to encourage young artists and to show their artworks by the financial of Saatchi Gallery(Lon...

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[Silence of Flaubert_ Gallery Skape] - Myungkeun KOH, Seung Young KIM

Myungkeun KOH and Seung Young KIM are participating in the exhibition entitled 'Silence of Flaubert' at Gallery Skape from 7th January. The exhibition's title, 'Silence of Flaubert' is from the book 'Silences de Flaubert'(1966) by the french literary theorist Gérard Genette. This show has been organized by artworks of 4 artists including Myungkeun KOH and Seung Young KIM and...

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[Siyon JIN's Soul Art Car_City Hall of Gwangju] - Siyon Jin

Siyon JIN presents 'Siyon JIN's Soul Art Car' from 3th January at the lobby of the City Hall of Gwangju. This 'Soul Art Car' uses an electronic car called 'Soul' which is produced by Kia Moters Korea's manufactory based on Gwangju. Artist shows FLOW(2011-2012) artwork, made by the concept of 'Light and Human', in way of projecting light coloured on each aspect of the car surface ...

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[How to Construct a Time Machine_MK Gallery, London] Meekyung Shin

Meekyung Shin participates in the exhibition entitled 'How to Construct a Time Machine' at MK Gallery in London. This exhibition presents how artists play with media in innovative ways to transform our experience of time. The show’s title is taken from an 1899 text by the avant-garde French writer, Alfred Jarry, written in direct response to H. G. Wells’ science fiction novel The Ti...

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[The Future is Now!_MAXXI,Roma] - Seung Young KIM, Chang Kyum KIM, Yeon Doo JUNG

Seung Young KIM, Chang Kyum KIM and Yeon Doo JUNG participate in the exhibition entitled 'The Future is Now!' at MAXXI(Museo Nazionale delle Arti del XXI secolo) in Roma. This exhibition presents MMCA(National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art of Korea)’s New media art collection to commemorate the 130th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Korea and It...

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[ Highlights of 2014 KAP ]

   Ⅰ. What's new for the Korean Artist Project 2014     1. Open call for 2014 KAP participants Korean Artist Project (KAP) held an open call for the participant artists, for the first time in 2014. It had accepted the virtual solo exhibition proposals from the curators who work in the member art museums of Korean art museum association as an application from ...

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[Memories of Nature_Soul Art Space] - Bong Chae SON, Jeong-Lok LEE

Bong Chae SON and Jeong-Lok LEE are now participating in the exhibition at Soul Art Space in Busan. Commemorating the 9th opening of gallery, the exhibition shows the various art works of 8 artists under the theme 'Memories of Nature'. The exhibition will continue until 22 January 2015.     Bong Chae SON, Migrants, 2014, Oil on Polycarbonate, LED, 84x124cm   &nb...

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[Light_Gana Art Center] - Lee Nam LEE's solo exhibition

Lee Nam LEE presents his solo exhibition entitled 'Born Again Light' at Gana Art Center from 16 December. In this exhibition, he shows large range of new works of art based on the similarity between human being and media art. Media art is consist of body(frame) and light(contents) as human being has a body and soul. According to LEE's point of view, if body would be a container for so...

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[Made in China: an imperial Ming Vase_Bristol Museum] - Meekyoung Shin

Meekyoung Shin is now participating in the exhibition entitled 'Made in China: an imperial Ming Vase' at Bristol Museum&Art Gallery. The British Museum Spotlight Tour is a celebration of Chinese collections across the UK, exploring the impact that the Ming dynasty has had on the arts in China and across the world. Contemporary artists have been invited to create new work in respon...

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