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 new icon [La Vie En Rose] - Soun HONG

Exhibition Dates l 2017-09-26 ~ 2018-01-07

Soun HONG is currently holding his solo exhibition entitled ‘La Vie En Rose’ at Daegu Art Museum. This exhibition is commemorating the 17th Lee In Sung Art Prize winner, Soun HONG, and is a place where you can see at a glace of the artist’s enterprising work that has continued his experimental and avant-garde work. The composition of the exhibition space ...

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 new icon [Picnic] - Seahyun LEE

Exhibition Dates l 2017-12-04 ~ 2017-12-16

Seahyun LEE is currently participating in an invitation exhibition entitled ‘Picnic’ at Raw Gallery. This exhibition gets the motif from Gwicheon, Cheon Sang Byeong, the Poet’s poetry. LEE’s works expressed our nature, daily life, and Korea’s division status which were disappeared due to indiscreet re-development. His work combines Korean landscape painti...

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 new icon [Korean Art Show 2017] - Myungkeun KOH, Chang Kyum KIM, Seon-ghi BAHK, Bong Chae SON, Lee Nam LEE

Exhibition Dates l 2017-12-05 ~ 2017-12-10

Myungkeun KOH, Chang Kyum KIM, Seon-ghi BAHK, Bong Chae SON and Lee Nam LEE are currently participating in ‘Korean Art Show 2017’ which held in Miami, U.S.A. This show is hosted by Galleries Association of Korea and has been held in Miami since 2015, starting in New York in 2010. In Miami, a major hub of the global art market, the Galleries Association of...

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 new icon [2017 Seoul Focus - 25.7] - An Gyungsu

Exhibition Dates l 2017-12-12 ~ 2018-03-11

An Gyungsu will participate in ‘2017 Seoul Focus – 25.7’ at Buk-Seoul Museum of Art. The 2017 Seoul Focus will be held in commemoration of the 30th anniversary of the construction of Sanggye New Town, where Buk-Seoul Museum of Art is located. 25.7 means a private area of 85m² which can be used alone in the apartment complex. This is the most common and st...

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 new icon [HEXAGON] - Jongjun SON, JeongMee Yoon

Exhibition Dates l 2017-12-04 ~ 2017-12-08

Jongjun SON and JeongMee Yoon are currently taking parts in ‘HEXAGON’ exhibition. This is a graduation exhibition of Chosun University’s department of Art, Visual Culture Curator of 2017.  The 14 preliminary curators who planned this exhibition have a story about the current society. This exhibition has extracted the various discourses respectively t...

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 new icon [SEE] - Boyoung JEONG

Exhibition Dates l 2017-11-23 ~ 2017-12-18

Boyoung JEONG is currently taking parts in the exhibition ‘SEE’ which is held at Hongik Museum of Art. In this exhibition about 50 paintings of artists of the first generation who have played a pioneering role of hyperrealism and young artists who emerged in the 2000s will show the flow of hyperrealism painting that lasted for 40 years. Audience can obser...

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 new icon [Real Landscape of Korea - Dokdo&Ulleungdo] - Jiwon Kim, Lee Nam LEE

Exhibition Dates l 2017-11-29 ~ 2017-12-17

Jiwon Kim and Lee Nam LEE are currently participating in ‘Real Landscape of Korea – Dokdo & Ulleungdo’ which is held at Seoul Calligraphy Art Museum in Seoul Arts Center. In East Asian visual arts, JinGyeong(眞景) is a word that encompasses facts and meanings. It expresses the sincerity of the nature as it is and of the object that the artist sees, bu...

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 new icon [Korea Tomorrow 2017] - Jiwon Kim, Chang Hong AHN, Geun-Taek Yoo, SeaHyun LEE

Exhibition Dates l 2017-11-25 ~ 2017-12-17

Jiwon Kim, Chang Hong AHN, Geun-Taek Yoo, and SeaHyun LEE are currently participatin gin ‘Korea Tomorrow 2017 – Narrative Landscape’ at Sungkok Art Museum. Korea Tomorrow, which was launched in 2009, has been introducing new concepts, works, and artists as well as making a place for intergenerational exchange between such as young artists and prominent ar...

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 new icon [Ambivalence] - Ha Tae-Bum

Exhibition Dates l 2017-10-20 ~ 2017-12-09

Ha Tae-Bum holds his solo exhibition titled ‘Ambivalence’ at Art Space Watt. Ha does different work from his ‘White’ series that bas been shown in the past. If he criticizes the bystander attitude of unethical, immoral, anti-humanistic images pouring from the media surrounding us in ‘White’, then ‘Ambivalence’ confronts the dualistic feelings of audience ...

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[Path] - Kijin Park

Exhibition Dates l 2017-11-15 ~ 2017-12-15

Kijin Park holds his solos exhibition titled “Path” at JJ JoongJung Gallery. Park has been working on visualizing and setting the backgrounds, devices, characters, events and situations that appear in stories that have been used in everyday experiences and in a real life or a fictional life. This exhibition is a story about DMZ(demilitarized zone) which s...

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