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 new icon [Asian Spring_Hȏtel de Gallifet, France] Xooang Choi, Aiyoung YUN

Exhibition Dates l 2015-06-28 ~ 2015-09-15

Xooang Choi, Aiyoung YUN are participating in the exhibition entitled 'Asian Spring' from 28th June to 15th September at Hȏtel de Gallifet. 15 artists of the show who mainly work in Asia have been selected by curator Véronique Maxé and Flore Durand of the specialized 'Gallery Albert Benamou' in the oriental contemporary art. Artists let us see their point...

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 new icon [ACCIDENTAL ENCOUNTER_Meekyong Shin, Jeonghwa CHOI, Inkie WHANG

Exhibition Dates l 2015-06-12 ~ 2015-08-16

Meekyong Shin, Jeonghwa CHOI and Inkie WHANG participate in the exhibition entitled ‘ACCIDENTAL ENCOUNTER’ from 12th June at Buk Seoul Museum of Art. As the title referring to an “unexpected meeting” suggests, the art show exhibits artistic products that transcend our imagination, lending new value to a variety of everyday things such as mass-produced hou...

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[The Esprit Dior_DDP] Seon-ghi BAHK

Exhibition Dates l 2015-06-20 ~ 2015-08-25

Seon-ghi BAHK is participating in the exhibition entitled ‘The Dior Esprit’ from 20th June at DDP. In this exhibition, Dior’s imagination, steeped in art; Dior’s relationships with the virtuosos of his time; the distinctive, sublime look that Dior created, collection after collection; Dior’s taste for 18th-century splendour and Dior’s sense of the extraor...

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[House to Home_CAN Foundation] insook KIM's solo exhibition

Exhibition Dates l 2015-06-17 ~ 2015-07-03

insook KIM is presenting her solo exhibition entitled ‘House to Home’ from 17th June to 3rd July at CAN Foundation. This show form a part from the creative support program called ‘Old House Project’ of CAN Foundation. The aim of this exhibition is to transform a Old House to the Home which in artist and artist’s marginal person become a family....

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[The Daegu Trilogy_Daegu Art Museum] KIM Ho Deuk

Exhibition Dates l 2015-05-19 ~ 2015-09-13

KIM Ho Deuk is participating in the exhibition entitled ‘The Daegu Trilogy’ from 19th May at Daegu Art Museum. The exhibition “The Daegu Trilogy” includes three artists represented in the manner of three individual solo exhibitions in order to not only survey the current art of Daegu, but also to initiate a step towards the future. The three artists, Kim ...

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[31 Experiments on Light : Intimate Rapture_Culture Station Seoul 284] KDK, Byung Hun MIN, Mioon, Lee Nam LEE

Exhibition Dates l 2015-06-11 ~ 2015-07-04

KDK, Byung Hun MIN, Mioon, Lee Nam LEE participate in the exhibition entitled '31 Experiments on Light : Intimate Rapture' from 11th June at Culture Station Seoul 284. This exhibition is organised with the purpose of considering the meaning of the 'Light' which is necessary to see the objects and looking into the world and artworks reflected by the 'Light...

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[When I Become You, Yeesookyung in Taipei_Museum of Contemporary Art, Taipei] Yeesookyung' s solo exhibition

Exhibition Dates l 2015-06-09 ~ 2015-08-02

Yeesookyung who works on glueing the debris of broken ceramics presents her solo exhibition entitled 'When I Become You, Yeesookyung in Taipei' from 9th June to 2nd August at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Taipei. This exhibition focuses on the transformation from subject and object, and also reflects upon tradition from a contemporary viewpoint while de...

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[JeongMee Yoon_ART DISTRICT P] JeongMee Yoon's solo exhibition

Exhibition Dates l 2015-06-02 ~ 2015-06-30

  JeongMee Yoon presents her solo exhibition from 2nd June at ART DISTRICT P. The aim of the exhibition is to look into a connection between the new series 'It Will Be a Better, Modern novel' and the major series 'Pink&Blue project' by displaying them at the same time. The exhibition will be held until 30th June.         &n...

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