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 new icon [Hyungmin MOON: by numbers] - Hyungmin Moon

Exhibition Dates l 2016-05-26 ~ 2016-07-10

Hyungmin MOON is holding his solo exhibition titled ‘Hyungmin MOON: by numbers’ at Leeahn Gallery. Through this exhibition, he asks audiences about social customs and mores that are taken for granted. The exhibition showcases Hyungmin MOON’s most representative work series of ‘By numbers series’, ‘9 Objects’, and ‘Unknown Story’ featuring dominant colors ...

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 new icon [Art Spectrum 2016]- Beak Jungki

Exhibition Dates l 2016-05-12 ~ 2016-08-07

Beak Jungki is taking part in a group exhibition titled 'Art Spectrum 2016' held in Leeum. Art Spectrum is a biennial exhibition organized to discover and support new talent in the art world. The exhibition showcases total 10 emerging artists including Beak Jungki's artworks of diverse genres which reflected on Korean society. Beak Jungki presents his 201...

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 new icon a single painitng] - An Gyungsu solo exhibition

Exhibition Dates l 2016-05-26 ~ 2016-05-30

An Gyungsu takes part in an Asian Art show 2016 organized by Asian Contemporary Art Platform Non Berlin located in Germany. During this show that was started to introduce Asian contemporary artists to the world, each different artist holds one’s solo exhibition for each week. From today, May 26, An Gyungsu presents his exhibition to May 30. a single ...

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[Suh Yongsun Masan exhibition] - Suh Yongsun solo exhibition

Exhibition Dates l 2016-05-19 ~ 2016-06-03

Suh Yongsun’s holding his solo exhibition titled ’Suh Yongsun Masan exhibition’ in Masan Fruit & Vegetable Wholesales Market Art Studio. Suh Yongsun who’s the first resident of the Masan art studio’s residency program, showcases his self-portrait and paintings that captured the landscape in Changwon during his stay at the studio for six months.In Janu...

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[Jiwon Kim Solo Exhibition] - Jiwon Kim Solo Exhibition

Exhibition Dates l 2016-05-20 ~ 2016-06-25

Jiwon Kim’s holding his solo exhibition in PKM Gallery. The exhibition showcases his most representative work, ‘Mendrami series’. Jiwon Kim talks about the essence of life and death through the ‘Mendrami series’ painted with rough but delicate brush strokes. In the exhibition, Jiwon Kim’s paintings and drawings including 26 new artworks are being presente...

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[密語] - Dae-Won Yang solo exhibition

Exhibition Dates l 2016-05-25 ~ 2016-06-07

Dae-Won Yang holds his solo exhibition titled ‘Language of Secretes’ in Dong San Bang Gallery on May 25. Dae-Won Yang is well known for his work that conveys the profound meaning of life with simple geometric figures in a symbolic way. In this show, he presents his artworks that visualized ‘Language’ as artworks. The exhibition showcasing his new work ‘Se...

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[60sec ART ] - Sangwoo Kang

Exhibition Dates l 2016-05-21 ~ 2016-07-10

Sangwoo Kang’s taking part in a group exhibition titled ‘60sec ART’ held in celebration of the 20th anniversary of opening of Savina Museum. This special exhibition showcases diverse artworks of video, installation, sculpture, film, animation, web comics, and others that represented our fast changing society by ‘60 seconds.’ In the exhibition that 8 artis...

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[Innocence] - Han Sungpil solo exhibition

Exhibition Dates l 2016-05-19 ~ 2016-11-20

Han Sungpil holds his solo exhibition titled ‘Innocence’ in Yeongang Gallery located in Yeoncheon County. The exhibition showcases Han Sungpil’s new artworks of 11 photographs, video works, and façade work in celebration of reopening of the Gallery that was transformed from National Security Pavilion. Han Sungpil reminds us the division of the Korean peni...

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[The King of Illusion M.C.Escher and his Challengers ] - WON SeoungWon

Exhibition Dates l 2016-04-09 ~ 2016-06-12

WON SeoungWon is taking part in a group exhibition titled 'The King of Illusion M.C.Escher and his Challengers' held in Contemporary Art Museum Kumamoto in Japan. The exhibition under the theme of a Dutch graphic artist M.C.Escher and his remarkable imagination showcases over 200 artworks of Korean, Japanese, and Chinese artists, which stir viewer's imagi...

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