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 new icon [Sleepers in Venice_The Purgatory of Desires_Calle del Carbon, Venice, Italy] Jia CHANG

Exhibition Dates l 2015-05-08 ~ 2015-06-07

  Jia CHANG participates in the Korean young artist's guerrilla exhibition entitled 'Sleepers in Venice – The Purgatory of Desires' for the 56th Venice biennale from 8th May to 7th June at Calle del Carbon, Venice, Italy. This exhibition questions the enduring allure of the Venice Biennale. Does the Venice Biennale offer artists opportunities to deve...

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 new icon [Drain, Fill_JJ Joong Jung gallery] Seung Young KIM

Exhibition Dates l 2015-05-13 ~ 2015-06-03

Seung Young KIM participates in the exhibition entitled 'Drain, Fill' from 13th May to 3rd June at JJ Joong Jung gallery. This exhibition has purpose to show the depth of Korean contemporary beauty by presenting the artworks of Seung Young KIM, Kim Haksoo, Choi Junkun, Choi Youngwook who represent the Korean beauty of space.         &...

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 new icon [Personal Structures - Crossing Borders_Venice Biennale Special Exhibition, Italy] Lee Nam LEE

Exhibition Dates l 2015-05-09 ~ 2015-11-22

Lee Nam LEE participates in the special exhibition of 56th Venice Biennale entitled 'Personal Structures - Crossing Borders' from 9th May at Palazzo Bembo, Venice, Italy. This exhibition which is organized by solo exhibition of artists selected by European Cultural Centre has finality to arrange a place for communication in various and large scale present...

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[SYNCHRONIZED_Seoul Space K] Mioon

Exhibition Dates l 2015-04-16 ~ 2015-06-04

Mioon paticipates in the exhibition entitled 'SYNCHRONIZED' from 16th April to 4th June at Seoul Space K. Mioon who have been worked about media and mass presents in this exhibition artworks about experiences and memories.                          &nb...

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[Between_International Contemporary Art Project Ulsan 2015] kwonjungho, insook KIM, Jongjun SON

Exhibition Dates l 2015-04-25 ~ 2015-05-03

kwonjungho, insook KIM, Jongjun SON participate in 'International Contemporary Art Project Ulsan : Between' from 25th April to 3rd May 2015. This art project is organized in various ways like the public art project, the exhibition in art gallery and the vacant house project etc. to induce public to naturally participate in.         ...

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[Lies of Lies : On Photography_Total Museum of Cntemporary Art] Osang Gwon, KDK, Suntag NOH, Hyungmin MOON, WON SeoungWon, Yeon Doo JUNG, Ha, Tae-Bum

Exhibition Dates l 2015-04-23 ~ 2015-06-21

Osang Gwon, KDK, Suntag NOH, Hyungmin MOON, WON SeoungWon, Yeon Doo JUNG, Ha, Tae-Bum participate in the exhibition entitled 'Lies of Lies : On Photography' from 23th April to 21th June 2015 at Total Museum of Contemporary Art. This exhibition shows us various ways of reinterpreting the reality of photographers through their own perspective using photogra...

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[Changkyum KIM_Tachibana Gallery, Japan] Changkyum KIM's solo exhibition

Exhibition Dates l 2015-05-12 ~ 2015-05-30

KIM presents a new video installation of his series ‘Still Life’ and also a new video installation of his series ‘Water Shadow’, as well as several photo works. In his new work ‘Still Life(2015)’, he projects the image of a girl who walks and stops onto ceramic bottles to unfold a brilliant world. Also in his new work water shadow in dish, he projects t...

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[Obedince-Akeda or Sacrifice of Issac_Jewish Musuem Berlin, Germany] Xooang Choi

Exhibition Dates l 2015-05-22 ~ 2015-09-13

Xooang Choi participates in the exhibition entitled ‘Obedience-Akeda or the Sacrifice of Issac’ from 22th May to 13th September 2015 at Jewish Museum Berlin, Germany. This exhibition, organized by the great english aesthetic film director Peter Greenaway and Multi-Medias artist Saskia Boddeke, is globally attracted attention so that it is well mixed betwe...

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[Between the Idea and Experi_Havana Biennale 2015, Cuba] Han Sungpil

Exhibition Dates l 2015-05-22 ~ 2015-06-22

Han Sungpil participates in the BIENAL DE LA HABANA 2015’ from 22th May to 22th June 2015 in Habana(Cuba). This 12th Biennale will deal with the subject of ‘Between the Idea and Experience’ by presenting various artists across Latin America and the Caribbean, Asia, Africa and the Middle East     BIENAL DE LA HABANA 2015 22th May 2015 - 22th...

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