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 new icon [Mastery of Craft] - Bong Chae SON

Exhibition Dates l 2016-12-15 ~ 2016-12-29

Bong Chae SON participates in a group exhibition titled ‘Mastery of Craft’ taking place in Opera Gallery, Miami, the United States. This is a collaborative exhibition between international contemporary artists and HUBLOT, Swiss watch brand presenting its slogan ‘Art of Fusion.’ The exhibition features diverse artworks that blur the line between craftsmans...

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 new icon [A SUSTAINING LIFE] - Osang Gwon, Joon Kim, Myoung Ho Lee, JongRye Cha

Exhibition Dates l 2016-11-30 ~ 2017-03-11

Osang Gwon, Joon Kim, Myoung Ho Lee, and JongRye Cha take part in a group exhibition ‘A SUSTAINING LIFE’ taking place in Waterfall Mansion and Gallery, New York. Various artworks by total 42 international artists from Spain, Singapore, Israel, China, Japan, and others including 4 KAP artists and a renowned Dutch graphic artist, M.C Escher will be showcase...

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 new icon [Art Miami] - Koh Sang Woo

Exhibition Dates l 2016-11-29 ~ 2016-12-04

Koh Sang Woo participates in one of world’s best art fairs, Art Maiami taking place in Miami, the United States. Total 125 art galleries from various countries gather together and showcase world famous modern and contemporary artworks. The fair will offer viewers a whole panorama of the international contemporary art movement. Koh Sang Woo who’s participa...

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[2016 Gwangju Media Art Festival] - Lee Nam LEE, Jeong-Lok LEE, Siyon JIN

Exhibition Dates l 2016-11-25 ~ 2016-11-27

Lee Nam LEE, Jeong-Lok LEE, and Siyon JIN take part in 2016 Gwangju Media Art Festival. The festival started in 2012 to promote people’s interest and understanding of Media art. In this year, it invites audience participation by combining Media art with the performance and show under the theme of ‘Art Live.’ Lee Nam LEE, Jeong-Lok LEE, and Siyon JIN take ...

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[Chronicles of Influence] - Jongjun SON

Exhibition Dates l 2016-11-11 ~ 2017-01-07

Jongjun SON is taking part in a group exhibition titled ‘Chronicles of Influence’ took place in alternative space, Chapter II. The exhibition held in celebration the opening of Chapter II talks about artists’ each different way of reflecting the times in their works of art. Jongjun SON showcased his representative work of art ‘Defensive Measure’ ...

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[station MOVES] - Jo Sook Jin

Exhibition Dates l 2016-11-17 ~ 2016-11-29

Jo Sook Jin takes part in a group exhibition titled ‘station MOVES’ held at Meinblau e.V. in Berlin, Germany. In the exhibition, 5 Korean contemporary artists showcase their various works of Media Art. The exhibition emphasizes the aesthetics of the process how the new media art becomes Art rather than the work of art itself. Jo Sook Jin’s video and insta...

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[Club Monster] - Meekyoung Shin, Hyunmi YOO

Exhibition Dates l 2016-11-23 ~ 2017-02-26

Meekyoung Shin and Hyunmi YOO take part in a group exhibition ‘Club Monster’ taking place in Asia Culture Center, Gwangju. The exhibition showcases popular musics that reflected the times by John Lenon, Bob Dylan, U2, Deul-gook-hwa and others, as well as artworks by contemporary artists who were inspired or shared the times and spirits. The...

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[OVNI Video Art Festival 2016] - Yeon Doo JUNG

Exhibition Dates l 2016-11-29 ~ 2016-12-04

Yeon Doo JUNG participates in OVNI(Objectif Vidéo Nice) Video Art Festival 2016 will take place in the Windsor hotel in Nice, France. The festival aims to encourage and disseminate Video Art to the public. Total 25 art institutions and artists from all areas of the world will showcase intimate as well as experimental works of video art. Yeon Doo JUNG part...

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[Square by coincidence] - An Gyungsu

Exhibition Dates l 2016-11-16 ~ 2016-12-07

An Gyungsu takes part in a group exhibition ‘Square by coincidence’(tentative English title) that will be held at Artspace Hue in Paju Book City. In the exhibition, through works of art, 4 young artists including An Gyungsu present their diverse views on the world which were depicted in the square frame. An showcases his ‘Membrane’ series t...

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[YOO,GEUN-TAEK Exhibition] - Geun-Taek Yoo

Exhibition Dates l 2016-11-12 ~ 2016-12-04

Geun-Taek Yoo is holding his solo exhibition at Gallery21yo-j in Tokyo, Japan. The exhibition showcases Yoo’s 2016 new works including 11 'Window' drawings. Geun-Taek Yoo reveals his own world through sceneries or objects which are familiar to anyone. The exhibition runs from November 12 to December 4. *Exhibition: YOO,GEUN-TAEK Exhibition *Date: 2...

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