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The conference of Museums and the Web in Asia(MWA 2014)

Korean Artist Project will participate in the conference of Museums and the Web in Asia(MWA 2014) which will be held in Daejeon Convention Center and Lee Ungno Museum from 7 to 8 October.   Museums and the Web(MW) is an annual conference featuring advanced research and exemplary applications of digital practice for cultural, natural and scientific heritage. It is a third Asian...

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Korean Artist Project will participate in Asian Contemporary Art Week (ACAW) 2014!

  As a participant of Asian Contemporary Art Consortium, Korean Artist Project is proud to participate in Asian Contemporary Art Week (ACAW) 2014.ACAW is a dynamic city-wide platform connecting leading New York and Asia-based galleries and museums to present cutting-edge exhibitions, innovative projects, and provocative dialogues.   In its ninth edition, ACAW introduces...

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The Korea Times will continuously run special features on KAP artists

  Starting with the special feature about Korean Artist Project in July 2014, The Korea Times will continuously run special features on KAP artists' interviews every second Friday. Those articles would be important and helpful English contents providing the artists' art world in-depth.       * Special features are will be updated on <KAP on the Media> h...

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 new icon [The Relics of Old Seoul_Buk Seoul Museum of Art] - Hong-Goo Kang, Won SeoungWon

Hong-Goo Kang and Won SeoungWon participate in the exhibition titled 'The Relics of Old Seoul' at Buk Seoul Museum of Art. The exhibition focuses on the northern area of Seoul -the district north of the Han River where the Buk Seoul Museum of Art is located. The exhibition aims to revisit the image of old Seoul by viewing artworks that contain the memory of forgotten lives that have d...

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 new icon [Heritage, Legacy and Light_UNESCO Headquarters, Paris] - Bong Chae SON, Lee Nam LEE, Jeong-Lok LEE

Bong Chae SON, Lee Nam LEE and Jeong-Lok LEE will be shown at UNESCO Headquaters, in celebration of the 60th anniversary of the Korean National Commission for UNESCO (KNCU). The exhibition 'Heritage, Legacy and Light' at UNESCO’s Headquarters showcases fourteen artists from Korea to illustrate how contemporary artists are harnessing fantastic new media and using it to power their crea...

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 new icon [Byung Hun MIN_Mimesis Art Museum] - Byung Hun MIN's solo exhibition

Byung Hun MIN is currently showing his solo exhibition at Mimesis Art Museum. In this exhibition, the unpublished works from 'Wall' series(2003~4) and 40 latest works entitled 'Gunsan' series(2014) where he moved his atelier are both presenting for the first time. The exhibition will continue until 14 December.               &...

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 new icon [Time Garden_Asian Art Works Busan] - Aiyoung YUN’s solo exhibition

Aiyoung YUN is currently presenting her solo exhibition entitled 'Time Garden' at Asian Art Works Busan from 18 September. In this exhibition, visitors will be able to appreciate YUN's representative works -the series of 'Unknown Space', a single channel video work titled 'Bubble' and a light installation work titled 'Time Garden' etc.          ...

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['Exhibition of Contemporary Ink Art_Fringe club, Hong Kong] - Ji Yoon Hong

Ji Yoon Hong will participate in 'Exhibition of Contemporary Ink Art' at Fringe club in Hong Kong. Hong is the only Korean artist among China and Hong Kong based artists, she will present the recent work titled '天地꽃 ,天地花, Flower World'. This work expresses the unique Oriental sprit through traditional of paintings and calligraphic works, vivid colors. Hong also participates in t...

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[Asian Contemporary photography_Daegu Art Museum] - Yeon Doo JUNG

Yeon Doo JUNG will participates in the exhibition titled 'Asian Contemporary photography' at Daegu Art Museum. This exhibition aims to look into Asian contemporary photography through artworks by the globally active artists Wang Qingsong and Yeon Doo JUNG, both of whom focus on the particular cultural situation of Asia, which is faced with the dilemma of balancing tradition and innova...

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[Latex Ideology_4th Mediations Biennale 2014,Poznan, Poland] - WON SeoungWon

WON SeoungWon will participate in one of the accompanying exhibition entitled 'Latex Ideology' at Mediations Biennale 2014 in Poznan, Poland. In the South Korean art scene there are various and individual positions concerning this subject. North Korea, however, remains the least known country on Earth, whose art scene is almost totally unknown or non-existent. For the 4th Mediation Bi...

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