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 new icon [A journey after, a journey before_Wumin Art Center] Inkie WHANG‘s solo exhibition

Inkie WHANG presents his solo exhibition from 10th April 2015 at Wumin Art Center. In this exhibition, he exhibits two different origins of scenery. One of them is came from present life and another is originated in life going forward to the death. This exhibition will be held until 13th June.                  &n...

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 new icon [MOMENTUM : ART/OMI 1997~2014_Total Museum] Youngmin KANG, Chang Kyum KIM, Mioon, Ligyung, Myungjin Song, Hyunmi YOO, Seung JUNG, Soun HONG

Youngmin KANG, Chang Kyum KIM, Mioon, Ligyung, Myungjin Song, Hyunmi YOO, Seung JUNG, Soun HONG participate in the exhibition entitled 'MOMENTUM : ART/OMI 1997~2014' from 1st to 15th April 2015 at Total Museum. This exhibition presents artists who have a tendency to experimentally and resistantly show their art works against an age of materialism which menace to a variety of whole art...

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 new icon [Artist's Portfolio II_Savina Museum] Myungkeun KOH, Geun-taek Yoo, Soun Hong

Myungkeun KOH, Geun-taek Yoo, Soun Hong participate in the exhibition entitled 'Artist's Portfolio II' from 18th March to 5th June 2015. In this exhibition, Myungkeun KOH shows the changes from his first work, which combined photography and sculpture, to his most recent works, Soun Hong presents a work as if it is a preview of a future exhibition. And Geun-taek Yoo exhibits drawings, ...

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 new icon [Everlasting Tomorrow_Force Gallery, Beijing] Geun-taek Yoo's solo exhibition

Artist Geun-taek Yoo translated the ideality of East Asian ink painting into a language based on reality by focusing on even the smallest emotion triggered by myriad of quotidian events he encountered since late 1990s. He presents his solo exhibition entitled ‘Everlasting Tomorrow’ from 14th March 2015 at Force gallery in Beijing. The exhibition will be held until 4th may.   &nb...

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[Photogenic Drawing_THE RIDGE 354 ART SPACE] Sung-soo KOO's solo exhibition

Sung-soo KOO presents his solo exhibition entitled 'Photogenic Drawing' from 7th March at THE RIDGE 354 ART SPACE. The artworks which are exposed in this exhibition is traces of artist's thoughts during past 20years to maximize the artistic value of photography. This exhibition will be held until 2nd April.                &...

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[Thing's Attitude_ Gallery Now] Nanda's solo exhibition

Nanda presents the solo exhibition entitled 'Thing's Attitude : Perhaps ㆍOnly' organized by Gallery Now for Artists who have been received 'the 6th Gallery Now Artist Award' from 11th March at Gallery Now. The artworks in the exhibition ‘Thing's Attitude : Perhaps ㆍOnly' represent the inseparable relationship between figuration and reality, consideration between taking a p...

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[Silence and Romance_Goeun Musuem of Photography] Gap Chul LEE's solo exhibition

Gap Chul LEE presents the solo exhibition entitled 'Busan Observation - Silence and Romance' from 7th March at Goeun Museum of Photography. ‘Busan Observation' is a decade long project, assigning an experienced and talented photographer every year to document the history and local colors of Busan in his or her own unique views which are exhibited at the Museum once completed. Followin...

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[Sandarbh Artist Workshop_Partapur_India] Donghoon SUNG

Donghun SUNG has participated in 'Sandarbh Artist Workshop' in Partapur, India from 5th January to 25th January. This workshop has been organized to consider the local culture becoming more and more urbanized with artists came from various countries through their ideas and experiences. During the Workshop, the artworks reflected their thoughts has been presented all aro...

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[SOME LOVE_Shinsegae Gallery] Koh Sang Woo

Koh Sang Woo participates in the exhibition entitled 'SOME LOVE' from 27th February at Shinsegae Gallery. The exhibition 'SOME LOVE' present various artist's emotions and view points about 'Love' such as happiness, longing, dreariness, dulcetness etc. This exhibition will be held until 13th Apr.                 &nbs...

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