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 new icon [Uncertainty, Connection and Coexistence] - Chang Kyum KIM, Mioon

Exhibition Dates l 2016-09-30 ~ 2017-01-30

Chang Kyum KIM and Mioon are taking part in a group exhibition titled ‘Uncertainty, Connection and Coexistence’ celebrating the first anniversary of Suwon I Park Museum of Art. The exhibition deals with an issue of the interrelationship in modern society that is an age of uncertainity: the interrelationship among living organisms that coexist having littl...

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 new icon [Strange Face] - Chang Hong AHN

Exhibition Dates l 2016-10-21 ~ 2016-11-20

Chang Hong AHN takes part in a group exhibition titled ‘Strange Face’ opens at Gallery Lux. AHN showcases his paintings and drawings of human faces representing what humans got inside rather than showing the conventional concept of aesthetics and beauty of a human face. The show will run from October 21 until November 20. *Exhibition: Strange F...

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 new icon [Lee Nam LEE‘s solo exhibition] - Lee Nam LEE

Exhibition Dates l 2016-11-05 ~ 2016-12-04

Lee Nam LEE holds his solo exhibition taking part in Belgian international art exhibition for new technology art. The exhibition will open at Zebrastraat and Sint-Jacobskerk; in the church, LEE is accompanied by a pioneer of new media art, Bill Viola's Martyrs video installation. The show will runs from November 5 until December 4. *Exhibition: L...

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[Dangling Yearning] - Seon-ghi BAHK

Exhibition Dates l 2016-10-22 ~ 2016-11-19

Seon-ghi BAHK holds his solo exhibition titled ‘Dangling Yearning’ at Ever Harvest Art Gallery in Taiwan. BAHK is well known for his installation that causes an optical illusion changing depending on audience’s point of view by hanging pieces of charcoal and acrylic or crystal beads from the ceiling by a nylon threads. In the exhibition, his representativ...

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[Waterscape 水流花開] - Song, Chang-Ae

Exhibition Dates l 2016-10-19 ~ 2016-10-30

An artist of 2016 Korean Artist Project, Song, Chang-Ae holds her solo exhibition titled ‘Waterscape 水流花開’ at Baekwoon Gallery in Seoul. The exhibition showcases Song, Chang-Ae’s ‘Waterscape’ series created using the ‘Water drawing’ technique which was invented by her. ‘Waterscape’ meaning a landscape painted with water is a visual representation of h...

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[Extension.KR] - Ki Beom KWON, An Gyungsu, Xooang Choi

Exhibition Dates l 2016-10-13 ~ 2016-12-11

Ki Beom KWON, An Gyungsu and Xooang Choi take part in a group exhibition titled ‘Extension.KR’ will be held at Volga‐Vyatka region branch of the National Centre for Contemporary Arts in Russia on October 13. This is a touring exhibition that was firstly held at Triumph Gallery in Moscow last April, and this time 10 Korean contemporary artis...

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[Aux 獨佛場,群] - kwonjungho, Jonak KIM

Exhibition Dates l 2016-10-10 ~ 2017-01-10

kwonjungho and Jonak KIM participate in a group exhibition titled ‘Aux 獨佛場,群’ opening at Ujong Museum of Art. The title, ‘Aux 獨佛場,群’ that is a list of names of countries in Chinese has a double meaning of a maverick. The exhibition puts artists of all generations- deceased, matured, and emerging artists- together and presents diverse works of art ...

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[Color and Emptiness, Yongsun Suh] - Yongsun Suh

Exhibition Dates l 2016-10-07 ~ 2016-11-20

An artist of 2016 Korean Artist Project, Younsun Suh holds his solo exhibition titled ‘Color and Emptiness, Yongsun Suh’ at Kim Chong Yung Museum. It will be the first time to present Yongsun Suh’s recent sculptures and installations using Buddhism and Korean calligraphy as subject matter. The show opens on October 7 to November 20. *Exhibition: ...

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[Out of In] - KDK

Exhibition Dates l ~

KDK holds his solo exhibition titled ‘Out of In’ at AAndo Fine Art in Berlin, Germany. KDK well known for his work highlighting the unreality of spaces using a composition with emphasis on geometric shapes presents his representative works, ‘w’ and ‘lu’ series. The exhibition lasts from October 1 until November 4.     ...

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[2016 Daegu Photo Biennale] - Myungkeun KOH, Koh Sang Woo, Osang Gwon, Joon KIM, Jongjun SON, Hyunmi YOO, Sang Hyun Lee, Ha Tae-Bum

Exhibition Dates l 2016-09-29 ~ 2016-11-03

Myungkeun KOH, Koh Sang Woo, Osang Gwon, Joon KIM, Jongjun SON, Hyunmi YOO, Sang Hyun Lee, and Ha Tae-Bum participate in 2016 Daegu Photo Biennale opened today, September 29. The biennale celebrating its 10th anniversary this year explores the Asian photography that reflects rapidly changing Asian cultural and environmental conditions, as well as seeks ne...

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