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Call for Artists 2015 Korean Artist Project

** The call is open to Korean artists only.

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 new icon [Sandarbh Artist Workshop_Partapur_India] Donghoon SUNG

Donghun SUNG has participated in 'Sandarbh Artist Workshop' in Partapur, India from 5th January to 25th January. This workshop has been organized to consider the local culture becoming more and more urbanized with artists came from various countries through their ideas and experiences. During the Workshop, the artworks reflected their thoughts has been presented all aro...

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 new icon [SOME LOVE_Shinsegae Gallery] Koh Sang Woo

Koh Sang Woo participates in the exhibition entitled 'SOME LOVE' from 27th February at Shinsegae Gallery. The exhibition 'SOME LOVE' present various artist's emotions and view points about 'Love' such as happiness, longing, dreariness, dulcetness etc. This exhibition will be held until 13th Apr.                 &nbs...

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 new icon [Goto_Gallery Hyundai_Window Gallery] Myung-Su Ham

Myung-Su Ham is presenting the exhibition from 7th February at Gallery Hyundai_Window Gallery. At this time, he shows an artwork called 'Goto', which means 'the Homeland' in Korean, exposing daringly speedy brush-touches instead of filling all over the canvas with the detailed brush-touches in his artworks so far. This exhibition will be continued until 1st March.   ...

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 new icon [Residency Artist Exchange_IljuㆍSunhwa Gallery] Jongjun SON

Jongjun SON participates in the exhibition entitled 'The 2nd Residency Artist Exchange' at IljuㆍSunhwa Gallery from 25th February. This exhibition is organized by IljuㆍSunhwa Gallery collaborating with Arts Council Korea and National Residencies to present artworks of the artists, who are currently working in the National Residencies, hoping develope the active cultural exchanges be...

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[A passage_BONGSAN Cultural Centre] Geun-Taek Yoo's solo exhibition

Geun-Taek Yoo presents the solo exhibition entitled 'A passage' at the BONGSAN Cultural Center from 25 February 2015. Artist's artworks that interpret the landscape of daily life by his own artistic viewpoint will present various and different ways of seeing it. This exhibition will be held from 25th February to 12th April 2015.           A Passage 25th F...

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[Illusion and Fantasy_MMCA] Hyunmi YOO, KANG Hyung Koo, Myungkeun KOH, Youngmin KANG

Hyunmi YOO, KANG Hyung Koo, Myungkeun KOH, Youngmin KANG participate in the exhibition entitled 'Illusion and Fantasy' from 10th February at National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art). The exhibition is to observe the wide spectrum of contemporary artistic practices, which are based on realistic representation, in the context of fantasticalness. At this exhibition, about 30artwor...

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[When i become you_Daegu Art Museum] Yeesookyung's solo exhibition

Yeesookyung presents her solo exhibition entitled 'When I become you' from 10th February 2015 in Daegu Art Museum. Artist shows at this exhibition about 250 artworks including not only her representative artworks such as 'Translated Vase', 'Flame' series, but also her new projects entitled 'Previous life Retrogression Painting' project, 'All asleep' (translated by KAP) etc. for the fi...

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[TRANSLATION - PAINTING_HADA Contemporary_London] Meekyung Shin's solo exhibition

Meekyung Shin will present her solo exhibition entitled 'Translation — Painting' from 5th February 2015 at HADA Gallery, London. Artist shows at this time the empty canvas filled with faintly tinted soaps as to question the authority the painting has enjoyed for centuries. By replacing oil paintings that are often associated with the value and wealth with affordable, unoriginal and e...

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[2014 Village Art Project_Damyang] Siyon Jin

Artist Jin Siyon has finished '2014 Village Art Project' entitled 'Hyanggyo-ri Bamboo Garden and Future story'(translated by KAP) hosted by Ministry of culture, Sports and Tourism and Arts Council Korea. This project has been started to form cultural community and to communicate with local residents who are relatively isolated from art benefits. It has been progressed from April 2014 ...

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