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 new icon [2016 Busan Biennale] - Yangachi, Seahyun LEE, Lee Nam LEE, Bocsu JUNG

Exhibition Dates l 2016-09-03 ~ 2016-11-30

Yangachi, Seahyun LEE, Lee Nam LEE, and Bocsu JUNG take part in 2016 Busan Biennale. In the Biennale that is in its 36th year, artists from all over the world will discuss the past, present, and future of the human race under the theme of ‘Hybridizing Earth, Discussing Multitude.’ The Biennale will consist of two parts: Project1 and 2. The Project 1 explo...

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 new icon [White] - Ha Tae-Bum

Exhibition Dates l 2016-09-08 ~ 2016-10-22

Ha Tae-Bum holds his solo exhibition titled ‘White’ at Leeahn Gallery in Seoul. This exhibition presents his new 2016 works from ‘White’ series for the first time. By using ‘white’, a representative color for his work Ha Tae-Bum reinterprets images of the disasters which are constantly being produced by the media; his work points out our attitudes of an o...

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 new icon [Osang Gwon: Recontemporary] - Osang Gwon

Exhibition Dates l 2016-09-07 ~ 2016-10-12

Osang Gwon holds his solo exhibition titled 'Osang Gwon: Recontemporary' at Waterfall Gallery in New York. Osang Gwon who invented a new art genre called 'photographic sculpture' recreates images easily found in everyday urban life as a classical sculptural form. The exhibition showcases total 6 artworks from his 2013 work 'Hockney' to 2016 work 'Rel...

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Exhibition Dates l 2016-08-30 ~ 2016-09-25

Hong-Goo Kang and Gap Chul LEE take part in an exhibition titled ‘BEAU ET DISCRET, KOREA ON/OFF’ will be held at Cité internationale des arts in Paris. This exhibition celebrating the 130th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Korea and France was co-organized by Goeun Museum of Photography, Busan, Korea and Tendance Floue which is a group of Frenc...

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[The Muse – Herstory] - Yuyeung TCHINE

Exhibition Dates l 2016-08-26 ~ 2016-10-16

Yuyeung TCHINE takes part in an exhibition titled ‘The Muse – Herstory’ will be held at Hwanki Museum in Seoul. The exhibition celebrating the 100th anniversary of HyangAn Kim who established Hwanki Foundation and Hwanki Museum presents not only her belongings and oil paintings but also artworks of Hwanki Kim and Hwanki foundation artists. As the title su...

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[Expanding Lines: Suh Yongsun Drawing] - Suh Yongsun

Exhibition Dates l 2016-08-23 ~ 2016-10-02

Suh Yongsun, an artist of 2016 Korean Artist Project holds his solo exhibition titled ‘Expanding Lines: Suh Yongsun Drawing’ at Arko Art Center in Seoul. His painting ranges over a number of genres such as historical painting, landscape, self-portrait, and others. With his painting, he explores the essence of human nature and social reality of the past an...

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[LEE Yongbaek: An unfamiliar Path] - Yongbaek LEE

Exhibition Dates l 2016-08-19 ~ 2016-09-25

Yongbaek LEE is holding his solo exhibition titled ‘LEE Yongbaek: An unfamiliar Path’ at Hakgojae Galley in Seoul. In the exhibition, he talks about a sense of unfamiliarity with Korean society where social disequilibrium and instability has grown rapidly over several years. His diverse works of art such as installation, painting, sculpture, video, and ot...

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[Gardens of the world] - Lee Nam LEE

Exhibition Dates l 2016-05-09 ~ 2016-10-09

Lee Nam LEE is participating in ‘Gardens of the world’ held at Museum Rietberg in Zürich, Swiss. The exhibition discovers diverse stories about a yearning for paradise, love, power, and beauty inside the garden-themed artworks. The exhibition showcases paintings of old masters such as Kitagawa Utamaro, Claude Monet, and Max Liebermann as well as works of ...

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[2016 Seoul Art Station] - Kim KiHoon, Myoung Ho Lee, Moonho Lee, Sohee CHO, Kyungwoo Chun

Exhibition Dates l 2016-08-01 ~ 2016-08-31

Kim KiHoon, Myoung Ho Lee, Moonho Lee, Sohee CHO, and Kyungwoo Chun who are artists of 2016 Korean Artist Project(KAP) are taking part in 2016 Seoul Art Station hosted by the Seoul city. Not just them but 43 more artists of KAP are also participating in the exhibition that showcases art posters of their artworks placing them on taxi stop advertising board...

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[CHUNG, HYUN_L'homme debout] - CHUNG, HYUN

Exhibition Dates l 2016-03-30 ~ 2016-10-12

CHUNG, HYUN an artist of 2016 Korean Artist Project is showcasing his 47 sculptures titled ‘L'homme debout(A standing man)’ at Jardin du Palais Royal in Paris. The exhibition originally was scheduled to end on June 12 has been extended until October 12. CHUNG, HYUN conveys a philosophy of life through his works made of useless trifling materials such as a...

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