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Korean Artist Project will participate in Asian Contemporary Art Week (ACAW) 2014!

  As a participant of Asian Contemporary Art Consortium, Korean Artist Project is proud to participate in Asian Contemporary Art Week (ACAW) 2014.ACAW is a dynamic city-wide platform connecting leading New York and Asia-based galleries and museums to present cutting-edge exhibitions, innovative projects, and provocative dialogues.   In its ninth edition, ACAW introduces...

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The Korea Times will continuously run special features on KAP artists

  Starting with the special feature about Korean Artist Project in July 2014, The Korea Times will continuously run special features on KAP artists' interviews every second Friday. Those articles would be important and helpful English contents providing the artists' art world in-depth.       * Special features are will be updated on <KAP on the Media> h...

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 new icon [The body's inner landscape_Namu Artist's Space] - Bocsu JUNG's solo exhibition

Bocsu JUNG's solo exhibition titled 'The body's inner landscape' is currently presenting at Namu Artist's Space. Since 1979, starting with his first solo exhibition, JUNG has been working on the subject of the 'body,' drawing the face and the internal organs on the naked human form. He renders the internal organs on a stripped naked body with a bald head, drawing a simple face—the eye...

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 new icon [2014 Platform Festival_Incheon Art Platform] - KIRA KIM, Seung JUNG

KIRA KIM and Seung JUNG are participating in the open studio and the special exhibition as a part of the 2014 Platform Festival commemorating the 5th anniversary of Incheon Art Platform. The open studio is a revenue for communication with residents, making available to the public the workshops of resident artists once a year. Artists who took up their residency at the opening in 2009 ...

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 new icon [Carbon Footprint Seoul 2014_Ara Art Center] - Seung Young KIM

Seung Young KIM is now participating in the special exhibition entitled 'Carbon Footprint Seoul 2014-Green Efforts and Arts' organized by Korea Productivity Center. Under the main theme 'Green Efforts and Arts', artists shows creative works collaborated with eco-friendly products and facilities. The exhibition will continue until 21 October.           Car...

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[the_place_LIG Art Space] - Ki Beom KWON's solo exhibition

Ki Beom KWON shows his solo exhibition entitled 'the_place' at LIG Art Space in Seoul. 'the_place' series is an experimental work representing scenes, spaces, and structures he experienced and remembered in the new form of photography. From the spring of 2010 to the fall of 2014 KWON visited New York City, Seoul, London, Tokyo, Singapore, and other cities and documented intriguing col...

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[Hello Strangers_Space K] - insook KIM

insook KIM is now participating in the photography exhibition titled 'Hello Strangers' at Space K in Daegu from 18 September. This exhibition includes the portrait photography of 'strangers' who are close but distant to us. Audiences are encouraged to meet insook KIM's representative series 'sweet hours' and ’go-betweens'.            &nbs...

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[King Sejong the Great Opens the Age of Hangeul Culture_National Hangeul Museum] - Seung Young KIM, Chang Kyum KIM, Yeon Doo JUNG, Soun HONG

Seung Young KIM, Chang Kyum KIM, Yeon Doo JUNG and Soun HONG are currently participating in the special exhibition titled 'King Sejong the Great Opens the Age of Hangeul Culture' commemorating the opening of the National Hangeul Museum. October 9 marks Hangeul Day, the day Korea celebrates the invention and proclamation of the Korean alphabet, Hangeul, in 1446 by King Sejong the Great...

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[Clothing Telling_Art Space J] - Sung-soo KOO

Sung-soo KOO is now participating in the group exhibition entitled 'Clothing Telling' at Art Space J. Art Space J presents a series of three exhibits with various artists who have been dealing with these necessities of human life as the pivotal subject of their work. As the first installment of the theme 'Considering the basic necessities of life through art', this exhibition shows fo...

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[The Relics of Old Seoul_Buk Seoul Museum of Art] - Hong-Goo Kang, Won SeoungWon

Hong-Goo Kang and Won SeoungWon participate in the exhibition titled 'The Relics of Old Seoul' at Buk Seoul Museum of Art. The exhibition focuses on the northern area of Seoul -the district north of the Han River where the Buk Seoul Museum of Art is located. The exhibition aims to revisit the image of old Seoul by viewing artworks that contain the memory of forgotten lives that have d...

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