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Sook Jin Jo

Sook Jin Jo, Daesan Art Museum facebook


1960, Gwangju


Sculpture, Installation, Photography



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Sook Jin, Jo's Solo Exhibition - Work in Space
Sook Jin Jo
Daesan Art Museum

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Over the past 25 years, Korean-born, New York based artist Sook Jin Jo has produced sculpture, drawings, photos, performances, installations and public art that reveal abiding, interconnected thematic concerns?space and form, destruction and rebirth, material and spiritual, life and death. Whatever the medium, Jo’s works evoke a spiritual, meditative and contemplative response in the viewer’s experience of them.Her sculptures, the most prominent of her media, depend upon found wooden materials. She has discovered in these “waste products” numerous possibilities. Assembled in eloquent constructions,full of melancholy serenity and the occult in action, she has developed her own esthetic depth.?The art critic Donald Kuspit writes:“Jo has taken profane materials and created a sacred art,?conveying a sense?indeed, affording an experience?of the numinous...” By combining presence and absence, Sook Jin Jo's on-line exhibition,?“Work in Space”, explores the relationship between works and space and engages us to experience the energy of the spiritual.