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Hyunmi YOO

Hyunmi YOO, The Museum of Photography, Seoul


1964, Seoul


Painting, Installation, Photography



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Hyunmi YOO's Solo Exhibition_curated by Sun Young KIM
Hyunmi YOO

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Yoo Hyun Mi repeatedly undergoes the process for the real/outside world to be created as image. The image created by overlapping is visualized in a seemingly familiar world as uncanny 'mise en scene.' An unfamiliar scene is mostly suggested by photography and video, but what she is exploring, in fact, is about reproduction in visual art, rather than image itself. Her desire is emphasized by a method of manipulating realism intentionally. For example, she infuses sculptural concept into a ready-made object by putting a plaster bandage around it, and then on the surface of this sculpture-turned object she paints to reproduce the exterior of the real as a painting. Reality becomes a sculpture by artistic manipulation, and then a painting, and is reproduced as photography repeatedly. The image created by repetitive work becomes less and less being real and finally becomes something that cannot be defined as one medium. Her work of sculpture-like painting, painting-like sculpture, and photo-like painting distorts visual illusion to give one medium properties of other medium. Yoo's works, too, may very likely be defined in a limited way as mixed art. Her works, on the contrary, do not employ methodology of mixing different media or genres. Rather, she attempts overlapped reproduction by passing through the stages of objet-sculpture-painting-photography/video.