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Eyes of a Curator, Tips for Viewing the VR Exhibition (17) Sung Eun PARK a former curator of the Mudeung Museum of Contemporary Art

2017-07-04 l Hit 307

Eyes of a Curator, Tips for Viewing the VR Exhibition (17) 

Sung Eun PARK a former curator of the Mudeung Museum of Contemporary Art

New Media: Review The Old And Learn The New

 A view of the VR exhibition ‘New Media: Review The Old And Learn The New’ by artist Lee Nam Lee

An image in a painting captures only a moment. Choppy waves and moving animals in paintings seem like they are moving, but they are not. However, artist Lee Nam Lee’s work breaks that limitation. In his work, the girl from Vermeer’s ‘Girl with a Pearl Earring’ sheds tears and leaves in landscape paintings sway in the wind. For this month’s ‘Eyes of a Curator’, we introduce the VR exhibition by artist Lee Nam Lee, who conveys the impression of masterpieces with digital sensitivity.
Artist Lee Nam Lee composes classical masterpiece paintings of the East and West into moving images. Because the work is familiar to many viewers, they will pay attention to the work, and then will be interested in finding out how the images will move and change. The viewers would wonder, ‘Will the ‘girl with a pearl earring’ turn her head and shed her tears or smile sarcastically as a twist?’
In this exhibition, the contemporary scenery is crossed with the classical work of the east and west, and viewers can witness the phenomenon of mixing the past and present, and the heterogeneous culture of the east and the west. In《8 Fold Screen》, in which the artist inserted digital screens into each of the eight folded screens, he modernized a traditional folded screen into a ‘large media video fold screen’ with fresh compositions and folk paintings in order to blend the past and present. The《Conversation between Monet & Sochi》consists of two landscapes: one is from the East and the other is from the West, and they are placed side by side. The two landscapes match well as if they were together originally. 

 I wanna go there (still cut), 2010, HD video, LED TV, mixed media, 7min 23sec

An independent curator and former curator of the Mudeung Museum of Contemporary Art, Sung Eun PARK, who planned this exhibition, explained, “Artist Lee Nam Lee is a world-renowned new media artist who represents South Korea, and is an artist with excellent planning abilities to show his work through screens after synthesizing new media digital images, three-dimensional structures, and installations. New media video art shows the possibility of a new art form that traditional Korean art could not have expressed. Through this new art, anyone can easily access new artificial intelligence art information across the cultures of the east and west, and beyond time and space.” 

The first meeting between the curator and artist goes back to 2008 during the reopening commemorating the exhibition of the Anyang Foundation for Culture & Arts, "The flow of modern and contemporary art – landscapes of residential areas.” Curator Sung Eun Park stated, “The exhibition introduced famous artists' work of the time by genre. His work expressed lyrical beauty by crossing the past and present through classical masterpieces, and it attracted the greatest response from viewers. After the VR exhibition, we have continued our relationship through other exhibitions, such as ‘Humanism’ (2012) held at COMPACTㆍSMART CITY in Incheon, and ‘Jeongeup, the tinkling of the wind-bell’ (2015), the opening exhibition of the Jeongeup Museum of Art.”

 The Battle of Civilization-Star Wars(Still image)_2, 2016, LED TV, 7min 2sec

In fact, equipment management is very important when holding a new media video exhibition. The equipment can break down before and during the display process. It is critical to prepare it thoroughly before the exhibition and discuss possible issues closely with technicians, since equipment management is a technical component. In addition, there are a lot of things to consider when displaying new media video work, and lighting is a good example; an exhibition space can use spotlights instead of whole lights, and sometimes lighting can be left out. 

The curator added, “However, viewers can see new media video work anywhere from exhibition halls to online sites. This VR exhibition especially can be easily and conveniently viewed and communicated by busy modern people because it is an art that permeates into everyday life, which is an even more advanced idea than the concept of a museum that can visit viewers. Additionally, if viewers watch the videos a couple of times, they will discover the intention of the artist without any difficulty.”

2017.7.12 ⓒKorean Artist Project
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