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Eyes of a Curator, Tips for Viewing the VR Exhibition (16) Sung Mi HONG, a former curator of the Gail Art Museum

2017-06-05 l Hit 376

Eyes of a Curator, Tips for Viewing the VR Exhibition (16)

Sung Mi HONG, a former curator of the Gail Art Museum

A view of the VR exhibition of artist Kyungmin NAM

Kyungmin NAM's Solo Exhibition

Kyungmin NAM is an artist who uses her imagination to recreate the workshops of grand masters such as Van Gogh, Matisse, Modigliani, and Rembrandt.

Sung Mi Hong, a former curator of the Gail Art Museum, who planned the exhibition, was personally acquainted with artist Kyungmin NAM, but had not yet had the opportunity to hold an exhibition with her. Through this project, the curator got the chance to work with the artist and understand her unique oeuvre.

Curator Hong explained that the artist’s work has a dual structure and went on to explain, “A mirror, for example, is an object that appears often in the artist's work. From within, it reflects the space in front of it, leaving viewers to question whether they are seeing the real space or not, and mystifies the perception of what is inside and outside of it. It also blurs the boundary between reality and imagination while at the same time offering various possibilities.”

This VR exhibition shows the artist’s various series of work; from her early series 'Indoor landscapes', to her 'Artists' Studios' series, 'Butterfly Collection' series, and 'Study' series. Each one of the works is generally displayed with its accompanied series, but occasionally pieces are displayed with a separate series in order to expand the series into other rooms. 

The space reflected in the mirror collapses the boundary between reality and imagination, the mirror and the space outside of it. ‘Three Chairs-Pondered about Van Gogh’, 2009, Oil on linen, 131 x 162cm

 Curator Sung Mi Hong said, “Artist Kyungmin NAM's work is very large-scale and detail-oriented. Also, the objects in her pieces are placed like objects in a pictorial puzzle. Because it is an online exhibition, it is unfortunate that it is hard to gauge the scale of the work or to unravel each element of the pieces, but the artist’s oeuvres can be seen at a glance and viewers can appreciate the vivid color of artist Kyungmin NAM's work.”

The curator also mentioned the following, “The fact that the narrative structure of artist Kyungmin NAM’s work draws viewers into virtual reality is also a good reason why her work can be shown well online. In the 'Artists' Studios' series, there are symbolic objects that disturb the real and virtual worlds by overlapping the real space with traces of the old masters’ lives.”
Meanwhile, since her solo exhibition at the Savina Museum of Contemporary Art in 2014, artist Kyungmin NAM has been creating pieces on the studies of old painters such as Gyeomjae Jeong Seon, Hong-do Kim, Yun-bok Shin, Sa-im-dang Shin, and King Jeongjo, who lead the cultural renaissance of the Joseon Dynasty. The artist will hold a solo exhibition at the LEEHWAIK Gallery next year.

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