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Eyes of a Curator, Tips for Viewing the VR Exhibition(14) Curator Jung Hyosup from the Total Museum of Art

2017-02-27 l Hit 383

Eyes of a Curator, Tips for Viewing the VR Exhibition

(14) Curator Jung Hyosup from the Total Museum of Art 

《Layer Graph》, by Jeoungeun Lim

View of artist Jeongeun Lim’s VR exhibition, where the actual exhibition was replicated.

The sun is staying longer each day. In the mindset of waiting for spring after the long winter, I introduce artist Jeongeun Lim’s VR exhibition 《Layer Graph》, which is impressive in its use of light.

Curator Jung Hyosup from the Total Museum of Art, who planned this exhibition, explained, "Artist Joengeun Lim creates rectangular shapes on square panes of glass in her representative series, 'Variation of Cube'. The squares create other squares out of light and they overlap each other. The artist does not merely present a combination of completed lines, but creates a new space with infinite possibilities. The title of the exhibition, 'Layer Graph', is a metaphor for the overlapping of various forms and possibilities created by overlapping shapes.”

For this VR exhibition, the artist’s work was divided by shape and then arranged according to size and the exhibition space. While planning the exhibition, artist Jeongeun Lim participated in the group exhibition "The Illusion of Time" (July 14 - August 24, 2016), held at the Ilwoo Space, so the VR exhibition was planned around using VR to combine this group exhibition and the exhibition space of the Total Museum of Art, and to display not only the pieces shown in the group exhibition, but also other pieces not yet exhibited. In addition, similar pieces were grouped together for viewers to learn about the history of the artist’s endeavors. 

Image of the second section of the VR space that displays the existing work online, in a replica of the Total Museum of Art.

The exhibition is divided into two sections; the first section is a VR representation of the Ilwoo Space’s group exhibition, and the second section is a VR replica of the exhibition hall from the Total Museum of Art. It was decided to display her work that had not yet been exhibited offline in the second section so that viewers can get a sense of the artist’s work flow. 

However, curator Jung Hyosup stated that it was difficult to represent the glass installation work through VR. He said, “I doubted whether the light passing through panes of glass could be realized by VR or not, since her work consists of several overlapped sheets of glass. It was fortunate that I was able to shoot the actual work installed in the other exhibition space and achieve a feeling of the work’s presence through the photos.”

Installation views of 'Variation of 53 Cube - Controlled Coincidence 201702' in the Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts in Taiwan. (Photo by Jeongeun Lim)

Meanwhile, Jeongeun Lim submitted her new work 'Variation of 53 Cube – Controlled Coincidence 201702' to the group exhibition "Sense and Sensibility - Works by Korean Women Artists" at the Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts in Taiwan, from February 24th to April 16th.
Also, from March, the artist’s work will be displayed in the exhibition “Imagining Art” at Sci -Art Gallery, located in the Gwacheon National Science Museum. The exhibition is a place to introduce the Sci artwork, which is a mixture of the imaginations of art and science. The exhibition will last for two years.

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