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Eyes of a Curator, Tips for Viewing the VR Exhibition (13) Curator Kang Jae-Hyun from the Savina Museum of Contemporary Art

2017-01-31 l Hit 10137

Eyes of a Curator, Tips for Viewing the VR Exhibition

(13) Curator Kang Jae-Hyun from the Savina Museum of Contemporary Art 

Photography-Act Project: Camera Lucida, Camera Obscura...

‘Tree... #7’, 2014, Ink on Paper, 104 x 231cm

Artist Myoung Ho Lee adds life to a tree that could easily be overlooked and creates a mirage in a barren desert. In this month’s newsletter, I will take a peek at the magic that Myoung Ho Lee creates.

To make these pieces, artist Myoung Ho Lee placed a large white cloth at the back of a tree to cover the background and capture the unique shape and color of the tree for the viewers to re-experience, and in the middle of a desert he positioned a white cloth to create the illusion of a spreading ocean. Through the《Tree》and《Mirage》series, the artist inspires us to think about the cognitive relationships between vertical and horizontal, reality and illusion, as well as three-dimensions and a single plane. 

The artist is considered a photographer, but his projects involve a number of people. This exhibition is titled ‘Photography-Act Project: Camera Lucida, Camera Obscura...’ and it is not an exhibition that shows photographs as its end result, but an exhibition planned to reveal its process and the process itself becomes a larger project.

Curator Kang Jae-Hyun from the Savina Museum of Contemporary Art, who managed the exhibition, explained the purpose of the exhibition by saying, “Human intervention in vast nature creates small visual changes, with the process and time spent doing so recorded in photographs and completed as artwork. The artist thinks of the entire project as a kind of performance art, since it takes a few months in the short term and a few years in the long term to find locations and pursue the project with dozens of staff.”

This exhibition was designed with white and black-walled rooms to maximize the visual effect.

The exhibition is divided into white and black-walled rooms to maximize the visual effects. In addition, the exhibition hall was built as a long, narrow aisle to make viewers feel like they are seeing the work while closing the distance towards it. The curator, Kang Jae-Hyun, said, "I wanted viewers to think about the dichotomy of light and darkness, vertical and horizontal, and visible and invisible, and then to ask fundamental questions about the origin of the camera and the way we see."

The ‘Mirage’ series displayed in the black-walled rooms

Artist Myoung Ho Lee believes that the process of making the work is very important in understanding the context of his pieces and has recorded his work processes through videos and photographs. It is regrettable that he couldn’t emphasize his process in the exhibition.

Such a regret will be remedied in his upcoming solo exhibition. The Savina Museum of Contemporary Art has been interested in artist Myoung Ho Lee’s work since his early period and decided to hold a solo exhibition for him this year following the Korean Artist Project VR exhibition. The artist’s solo exhibition will be held at the Savina Museum of Contemporary Art this November.

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