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Eyes of a Curator, Tips for Viewing the VR Exhibition (11) Curator Han Jooryung from the Sungkok Art Museum

2016-12-19 l Hit 447

Eyes of a Curator, Tips for Viewing the VR Exhibition (11) 
Curator Han Jooryung from the Sungkok Art Museum 

In My Sky at Twilight _ X–Ryu Biho

 A captured image of artist Ryu Biho’s VR exhibition.

Artist Ryu Biho describes extreme real-life issues through his work. The artist deals with problems of social outrage and the stories of minorities, allowing viewers to judge those issues. It is December and this year will soon come to an end. This month’s ‘Eyes of a Curator' chose to feature Ryu Biho's solo VR exhibition,《In My Sky at Twillight _X》, to give voice to the neglected voices that we may have missed.
The VR exhibition focused on the pieces,《Wanderer's Song of Wind》and《My Meursault》, created in 2015 by artist Ryu Biho. The exhibition is based on a commemoration exhibition called《’In My Sky at Twilight’; commemorating the receipt of the Sungkok Artist of Tomorrow award in 2014》held at the end of last year (November 13th - December 31th, 2015) at the Sungkok Museum and exhibits those pieces through the VR exhibition. 

An exhibition view of ‘Wanderer’s Song of Wind,’ held at the Sungkok Museum last year.

Curator Han Jooryoung, who planned this exhibition, said, "I designed the exhibition centered on recent, impressive pieces, rather than displaying too much work. There is some work that uses repetitive action to make viewers think about something. Therefore, I first decided to create a Möbius-like exhibition space that has an unclear entrance and exit, so that viewers can decide whether they are going to see the exhibition again or not after finishing the exhibition. However, it was futile to relay this kind of space online, so the initial plan was revised and the VR exhibition was built based on the solo exhibition that was held last year.”

As mentioned above, artist Ryu Biho deals with mainly realistic problems. He interviews the families of victims of catastrophes like the Sewol ferry disaster and the Sealand Youth Training Center Fire, and tells the stories of people alienated by the urbanization process. He expresses those issues through literary references, rather than revealing them realistically.
For example, his work《My Meursault》shows a Sisyphus-like character who constantly climbs a mountain, borrowed from Camus’s「Sisyphus myth」. The piece《The Wanderer's Song of Wind》, which shows a man carrying an old woman on his back, reminds me of Goryeojang; an ancient burial practice in which the elderly are left to die in an open tomb.

The route of artist Ryu Biho’s VR exhibition was designed to make viewers feel that they are in an actual exhibition space.

Curator Han Jooryung made a request by saying the following, “When planning this VR exhibition, artist Ryu Biho actively participated, but did not directly explain the meaning of his work. It seemed that he wanted viewers to understand it rather than be influenced by the artist. In this regard, the VR exhibition was considered a suitable medium for introducing the work of artist Ryu Biho. In fact, last year, each of his pieces was displayed on separate monitors, so that viewers could see each piece one by one. That was planned so that the viewers could watch and listen to the work while focusing on the stories. Since the route was designed to replicate a real-life gallery, I would like you to look at the work and feel like you are interacting with it in an exhibition space.”

2016. 12. 27 ⓒKorean Artist Project
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