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Eyes of a Curator, Tips for Viewing the VR Exhibition (10) Curator Nayoung HAN from Spacemom Museum of Art

2016-11-21 l Hit 470

Eyes of a Curator, Tips for Viewing the VR Exhibition

(10) Curator Nayoung HAN from Spacemom Museum of Art 

Boyoung JEONG's Solo Exhibition

Captured image of solo VR exhibition by artist Boyoung JEONG. The warm atmosphere of the interior is a good fit for the weather these days.
The days are rapidly getting shorter nowadays. Whenever cold winds blow, I am glad to be in a warm room full of sunlight. Artist Boyoung JEONG’s work consists of sunlight through doors and warm, moderately dark interior spaces. The chilly weather these days reminds me of her work. This newsletter’s «Eyes of a Curator, Tips for Viewing the VR Exhibition» article introduces artist Boyoung JEONG’s solo exhibition.

Artist Boyoung JEONG investigates the relationship between space and light, and tries to capture the flow of time. As mentioned previously, her work features windows being penetrated by light, candles lighting the darkness, and things such as light, stains, and other objects, of unknown origins. Through these items, she captures ever-changing light according to the flow of time in her work.

A scene of artist Boyoung JEONG’s section from the exhibition ‘Mirror Mirror’ at Spacemom Museum of Art.

Nayoung HAN, a curator from Spacemom Museum of Art, organized artist Boyoung JEONG’s VR exhibition. The curator explained, “I first got to know the artist when she held her private exhibition at the museum in 2000. In 2004, she created work that shows parts of the museum and we have continued the relationship through large and small group exhibitions. She also participated in the exhibition «Mirror Mirror» (from September 28th to October 21st), which just finished. Through the exhibition, she introduced her recent series “Blue Hour”, painted by looking at an interior from the outside.”
Artist Boyoung JEONG, Blue hour, 2016, Oil on canvas, 181.8 x 227cm
Boyoung JEONG is an artist who portrays space through her work, so the term exhibition ‘space’ carries a special meaning to the artist. Therefore, the curator actively reflected on the artist’s opinion about the exhibition. Curator Nayoung HAN said, “Artist Boyoung JEONG participated in every process of the VR exhibition enthusiastically, considering the process a part of the work’s creation. The texture of the exhibition halls at the Spacemom Museum of Art is unique and the artist wants to use the museum for the VR exhibition. Therefore, the VR exhibition production team specially visited and shot the museum space to create the VR exhibition.”

The characteristics of the exhibition halls at the Spacemom Museum of Art are reproduced in the VR as it is. The combination of windows from the actual museum and the work ‘Left Behind’ create exquisite harmony.
Generally, it is easy to notice the texture of the work and the particular atmosphere of the exhibition space, the work, and the viewers in an actual exhibition. However, it is hard to create such an atmosphere via a VR exhibition. The curator commented and advised on the issue as follows, “The artist created the work in order for viewers to feel differently about the same objects and space according to the time and angle changes. If viewers follow the direction and flow of light, and find where the artist’s gaze is focused, it will be interesting enough for the viewers to enjoy the show even as a VR exhibition.”

The curator continued, “Recently, the artist introduced various new objects in the work, so there are more stories in the work. I hope I can have the chance to exhibit her work according to the times and stories that are shown.”

Meanwhile, curator Nayoung HAN recently finished the solo exhibition «Yeonju, Don’t Go to Work.» by artist Kim Tae Heon (from October 26th to November 16th) and is preparing an announcement exhibition, where she will present the results and processes of all the educational programs that the museum introduced this year. 

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