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Eyes of a Curator, Tips for Viewing the VR Exhibition (8) Curator Jung Eun PARK from Whanki Museum

2016-08-22 l Hit 782

Eyes of a Curator

(8) Curator Jung Eun PARK from Whanki Museum

Yuyeung TCHINE's Private Exhibition

Installation scene of ‘Approaching the Han River’. A large-scale Han River artwork, created to make viewers forget the river itself, is displayed on a wall, filling the whole surface of it to achieve the feeling of an offline exhibition.
In the middle of summer, when looking up at the sky under a tree, the sunlight, passing through leaves, pours into the eyes of the viewer. Artist Yuyeung TCHINE’s《Light》series makes viewers experience this hot light that can be felt when standing right under a tree. The artist Yuyeung TCHINE, who continues to question the true nature and identity of painting, is having her solo show via the VR exhibition, which will be introduced in this article. 

Whanki Museum is considered one of the museums that understands the artist’s work the most and has shared a deep relationship with the artist for a long time. Even before the museum was built, the Whanki Foundation and the late Mrs. Hyangan Kim, who founded the museum, have been conducting a project called Prix Whanki, which discovers and supports rising as well as major artists. Artist Yuyeung TCHINE was discovered as one of these rising artists through the project in 1980 and has been working as a member of the Whanki Foundation ever since. Between the VR exhibition and an exhibition called Paint on Lightheld last year, the artist has been able to show 45 years of her oeuvre.
A scene of the exhibition ‘Paint on Light’, held in Whanki Muesum last year.

As described above, the VR exhibition consists of the artist’s work after 2000. The artist’s work tendencies changed in 2000, so her work can be divided into two phases.
Jung Eun PARK, a curator of Whanki Museum, explained, “In fact, it is not easy to understand the artist Yuyeung TCHINE’s work. She is an artist who has been trying to find the truth of painting by questioning its definition ever since she became an artist. Before 2000, she focused on questions such as, ‘why do we make art?’ and ‘where is painting’s definition?’, then created work that broke the rules and stepped into painting itself. After 2000, she went further conceptually and has been making work that tries to describe the true nature of things that are painted.”
The artist tries to show the truth by lowering her artistic viewpoint to the ground; enlarging, dividing, and rearranging images; and trying to capture the truth by painting light. The images she depicts come from her nearby surroundings, such as light coming through the branches and leaves of a tree, shadows of window bars on a wall, and the feet of people walking on a stone.

By setting up a virtual viewer in the middle of the screen of the VR exhibition, VR exhibition viewers are able to understand the size and location of the work.
The exhibition consists of four sections in total. According to the viewer’s line of sight, they can naturally follow the paintings and their stories. It starts with《One Way (a)》, which is displayed below the viewers’ perspective. As viewers raise their line of sight, they can see the《Light》series, which expands on the topic of nature. The large-scale work depicting the Han River, which takes the viewers further from reality, is introduced, and then the video artwork《Via Zero》, which brings the focus from nature into humanity and life, is displayed as the finale. 

Meanwhile, the artist Yuyeung TCHINE will participate in the exhibition «The Muse – Herstory», planned by Whanki Museum, commemorating the 100-year anniversary of the birth of the late Mrs. Hyangan Kim. The exhibition will be held from August 30th to October 23rd. «Image provided by Whanki Museum» (02)391-7701

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