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OCI Museum of Art

Opening Year

Seoul 46-15 Susong-dong Jongno-gu, Seoul, Korea




Founded in 2010, OCI Museum of Art is a fast-growing powerhouse in the presentation of Korean contemporary art. OCI Museum of Art is located in the heart of Seoul, alongside the city’s other main cultural institutions. The space boasts 649 square meters spread over three floors and will provide the public with a center-city venue in which to experience contemporary Korean art of finest caliber. OCI Museum of Art is supported by the Songam Foundation, which itself was established in 1989 by the Honorary President and founder of OCI Co. Ltd., “Songam” Hoi-rim Lee (1917-2007). Honoring the Foundation’s decades-long efforts of collecting, researching and exhibiting pre-modern and modern artworks, OCI Museum of Art aim to provide an experimental platform where constructive discussions on contemporary art practice and art history take place. As an institution dedicated to raising public awareness of Korean modern and contemporary art, OCI Museum of Art invites the public to share in the adventure, interpreting and understanding the works of established and emerging artists, through exhibitions and educational programs. To further promote contemporary art, OCI Museum of Art is free of admission to all exhibitions.

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Address     Seoul 46-15 Susong-dong Jongno-gu, Seoul, Korea
Telephone  02-7340440
Homepage  http://www.ocimuseum.org


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