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Soonim Kim's Solo Exhibition_Curated by Youngji Lee
When asked about a dream, a child replied “green star, pink heart.” This unexpected answer touched a place in my heart so I’d like to ask and listen to that answer again. If asked the same question, objects from nature, the main characters in Kim Soonim’s works might answer in the following way: stones of unknown origin may say they want to play with silk thread used for swings and oyster shells from a cold sea may reply they want to flourish on warm land. Kim seems to regard her latest pieces as her major works as she does not predetermine the flow of her work involving her reminiscences and memories in natural objects. She explores natural and cultural aspects of each region while traveling in order to look for her own identity and others’ portraits. She draws natural objects if paper or pens are available in her surroundings. She also plays with them, lining or arranging them in order if any space is given. She weaves the shards of human sensibilities with natural objects in dynamic present times, embracing fleeting moments, situations, and things.


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